The time that we are living in is more than decadent

Many of us at home quarantining


some of us are protesting the death of a man killed over a counterfeit $20

some of us are sitting at home collecting unemployment struggling to pay a bill


someone just took their stimulus check to the doctor

for a down payment on their new body

(new ass, new tits, new body, who this?)

and someone else took it to the dope man for a reup

This is land of the free, right?

So free that in the middle of a recession, we find the time to buy designer

to wear on live.

But as long as we live, it’s live.

The music we listen to today 3 years too late

to soothe the soul for the current events of today.

So we live decadently, until decadence isn’t enough

When decadence ain’t enough no more, we’ll be ready to face reality.

Written by

“Young and dynamic ghetto dweller on the move”

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