Ghetto walls

Sometimes it gets hard for me to see beyond these ghetto walls

The idea of freedom gets lost inside these red brick walls

We watch Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, and Fathers get chained and carried away

In the middle of chasing freedom.

Dreams get lost in these walls but I refuse to let that happen to mine.

I won’t allow my dreams to be pushed aside

To dry up,

as if they were a raisin in the sun. Or allow my dreams to be deferred.

So instead of becoming a another ghetto story I’m looking to become a ghetto glory

Reminding kids of what exists beyond these red brick ghetto walls.


The time that we are living in is more than decadent

Many of us at home quarantining


some of us are protesting the death of a man killed over a counterfeit $20

some of us are sitting at home collecting unemployment struggling to pay a bill


someone just took their stimulus check to the doctor

for a down payment on their new body

(new ass, new tits, new body, who this?)

and someone else took it to the dope man for a reup

This is land of the free, right?

So free that in the middle of a recession, we find the time to buy…

I. Don’t. Need. You.

These n*ggas be having me fucked up

You’re the one attracted to me.

I give you play because I like you.

If I wasn’t a different vibe…

by now you would’ve passed up on me.

What I really need from n*ggas is open pockets

and wallets.

I stay employed.

There isn’t shit you could give me that I couldn’t wake up and get for myself.

It might take me longer but the point still is…

I. Don’t. Need. You.

I could wake up and get for myself

And have you paid for what I wanted just because.

God knew what he was doing when he raised me without a father.

He created a monster.

One that could get up and get for themself even if

it cost their superficial appearance.

I don’t need you.

But by keeping you around I get what I want x2



“Young and dynamic ghetto dweller on the move”

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