• Written by Viraj Vaz, Account Supervisor

With current circumstances leading to an all too apparent shift in consumer mindset, our campaign for Myntra’s first End Of Reason Sale of 2020 was an executional challenge from the get-go.It aimed to establish a sense of relatedness amongst an audience trying to embrace a new sense of normalcy. With current precautions and safety measures in place, along with an inherent fear for safety amongst us all, production for the campaign was an uphill task from the start. …

By Shreyas Dilip


A nation-wide lockdown had caused disruption to many lives and businesses around the country. During these testing times, how do we maintain brand relevance, launch a new line and keep our audience engaged virtually? With a little bit of creative magic and a whole lot of remote collaboration.

Background and Objective

Jockey, a household name in the innerwear segment had been scheduled to promote their line of apparel for kids, Jockey Juniors. With the shuttering of stores and e-commerce activities, we had to postpone that promotional campaign as we couldn’t be affecting metrics such as store…

By Shreyas Dilip

A battle for engagement was all set to break out between Raksha Bandhan & Independence Day for a social media showdown like no other. With 60% of online conversations around Independence Day on August 15th, 2019, the rest was all about Raksha Bandhan. Breaking through this clutter required precision planning and tactical execution.

Taking cue from our campaign for Raksha Bandhan last year, Aadhe Ka Bandhan, the bar was set quite high on what we considered a successful campaign. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI40NBRXKAg

This year, we took another look at sibling relationships with “Battle of the…

By Rachita Reddy, Social Media Manager

Project Eve is a premium retail brand with experiential stores designed for the modern woman. Trends is a leading lifestyle retail chain catering to both men and women across India.

So how did these 2 vastly different brands, catering to vastly different audiences pull off successful social-media campaigns for Women’s Day? By extending our main campaign spaces into eye-grabbing social content.

This season, Project Eve is honouring a woman’s softer strengths: her loving nature, her graciousness, her elegance, her willpower, her tact and her drive with the Soft is Powerful campaign. …

By Divya Mirlay, Copywriter

With most jobs, the day begins and ends in an office. It houses reference books, tools, and most importantly, inspiration. The meat of the work product is reared and served within the confines of those four walls. But when it comes to the creative industry, things are a little different. Inspiration (the greatest tease of them all) can strike at anytime, anywhere. You might find the insight for the next big campaign by watching someone bargain for onions, or eavesdropping on group of gossiping watchmen (worth a listen, even if no insight emerges). …

By Divya Mirlay, Intern

An artist named Nathan Oliveira wrote: “All art is a series of recoveries from the first line. The hardest thing to do is put down the first line. But you must.” Whether you’re a rookie writer or a veteran, you’ve probably struggled with writer’s block (or as Hemingway called it, the ‘White Bull’) on a regular basis.

While writing copy might seem pretty easy and straightforward, most people are oblivious to the dizzying acrobatics that go on inside the writer’s head before penning a three-word tagline. (Fun fact: the ever-famous ‘Just Do It’ was coined after…

by Divya Mirlay, Intern

My first shoot demanded that I be on set at 7:45 A.M. The subjects of said shoot — makeup, handbags, and shoes. Just the ammo any Mean Girl needs.

I was ushered into what sounded like an indoor concert. Turns out, the stylist likes working with background music — John Mayer, Marshmallow and Maroon 5 to name a few. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday. Bonus points for breakfast, coffee, tea and even nareal paani.

We work with a production house that handles shoots for some of our clients. …

by Shreyas Dilip, Social Media Manager

In an age where numbers, views and clicks matter most in the online space, social media has carved out a niche in the marketing world. This makes the ground fertile for one group of people in particular — social media influencers. While a majority of brands use influencers as the ultimate proliferators of their products, we’ve used their role as a means to a stronger, more impactful end.

The Brand

The Roadster Life Co. is India’s favourite highway lifestyle and fashion brand. …

by Shagun Ohri, Social Media Manager

How do you launch a denim collection for millennials on social media and steal their attention from thousands of other brands? And at promotional costs that are 85% lower than the industry conventions.

The fashion world over refurbishes the timeless wardrobe essential denim, every year. With the comeback of retro fashion, denim has become a statement piece with details like patchwork, distressed washes and asymmetrical crops.

Trends, a popularly known household name in India, launched a denim collection with a high millennial appeal as part of their Spring Summer’18 collection. And we decided to…

October, with 4 public holidays was one of the most holiday-filled months of the year. But that didn’t stop it from being an action-packed month here at Brave New World — With a whole bunch of campaigns going live, big and small, some entertaining and some making history.


  1. Once Upon A Road for Roadster | India’s first ever people-powered road trip story saw 600+ Roadsters come together to write an epic adventure. This crowdsourced adventure spanned 5000+ tweets over 72 hours. But we didn’t stop there. We transformed it into the world’s first shoppable graphic novel. …

The Giant Leap

We create interactive brand stories, experiences and engagements that straddle both the digital and physical worlds. www.thebravenewworld.com

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