The Dad Draft

Joseph Thomas — Copywriter

Our newest campaign, for Father’s Day, encouraged kids to tell their dads how they feel. No small feat. Because when it comes to emotions and dads, Indian kids clam up like…well clams.

That doesn’t mean that kids don’t want to say those three special words to Dad. When we do want to tell our dads how we really feel, how grateful we are for all they’ve done for us, we don’t. We’re awkward, shy or downright scared to get vulnerable around Papaji.

We invited a few people to tell us how they really felt about their dads; then asked them to compose that one perfect message which captures this emotion and actually share it with their dads. What they didn’t know is that we also invited their dads in for a very special Father’s Day surprise.

When the kids sent their Dad Draft, we revealed their fathers’
presence on set reading the very message they just wrote. Together, father and child read out these heartfelt messages. They were finally able to tell
each other how they felt — the perfect Father’s Day gift for the perfect dad.

A neat little video for Father’s Day, right? That’s what we thought too. However, the thought seemed to resonate with our audience as well. We garnered close to 3 million views. But more importantly, hundreds of people shared their Dad Drafts with us. Each one utterly heartfelt, emotional, and real.

Watch the video here, and maybe share a Dad Draft or two.