Education in the United States

For my Fab Friday I chose the topic of Education. I find this topic interesting because as technology advances countries become more competitive in a global society. I think this was a good topic because it perfectly connects a local issue to an issue that can be felt on a global scale as well. I was interested in learning how competitive America is in terms of preparing the future. To do so I researched the American education system and compared it with other education systems.

In particular I compared the US education system to international education systems, specifically Finland. Since cultures in Finland and America differ, the way the school systems are set up differ as well. Finland tends to be more concerned with helping each student whereas America tries to teach a large mass of students the same way. I wanted to address the fact that America is not properly taking advantage of its resources available in the classroom. Although we are a world superpower we do not meet the requirements to maintain this position in future decades. To begin my presentation I started with a quote that I wanted the audience to keep in their mind throughout the presentation. I thought it would be important to get the audience thinking about the topic so that when they are listening, they can form their own opinions and creating some suggestions. Next, I presented a video to the class showing the importance of an education. I then provided some reasons and data of why education is important. I after I addressed why education is important I began to compare the USA with Finland.

I used recent PISA scores to show how the current education system in America is not working. However, Finland ranks highly in global education systems. Since Finland is highly ranked in most categories they were a good country to compare America to.I then proceeded to present a video that compares America to Finland and potential things America can take away from Finland. I then reinforce the main points from the video and provide data and evidence. I then follow up with another video that shows what we are doing wrong and what we need to do to be more like Finland from multiple perspectives. Finally, I presented some previous efforts to improve the American Education system and finished off with discussion questions and a Kahoot! My goal with the discussion questions was to hear some ideas of what actual American students feel is missing and why we lack on the global scale. I also wanted to hear some potential solutions that can help future students thrive.

The purpose of the Kahoot! Was to test the audience on the presentation in a way that would be interacting and engaging. All in all, the main goal of the presentation was to raise awareness that the American education system needs help or else we will become less competitive on the global scale which could have large impacts on the country.