Questioning our economic system…

By: Idalia.

Will I be hanged if I start talking about economics in a non-usual way? Many times when even approaching the subject, it seems that I may be.

Although I am no expert- economics can sometimes feel so overwhelming-, it seems to me that macroeconomic indicators, come on, really any indicators, that show how great we are in the financial department, is quite disassociated with reality.

If we go to one of the most cliché assumptions of this science, the ones that states that big companies, and rich people are the motor of economies, the job creators. Well, if this is true, and if we have been doing things easy for these guys during the whole neoliberal economy period…. Why aren’t we seeing the results we hoped for?

Maybe… rich people and BIG companies AREN’T the saviors we thought they were?

Watch this video, and think about it:

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