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It has been quite a year for Ethereum as evidenced by the tremendous announcements at Devcon3. Our team is excited about small things like ethjs from Nick Dodson and big things like the virtual machine being developed by our friends Jason Teutsch and Robbie Bent at TrueBit. This year has seen the biggest ups and downs any revolution could hope for; billions of dollars invested and millions of dollars lost or stolen. Wait.. what?!? Millions of dollars lost or stolen? Is this acceptable within the Ethereum ecosystem? Absolutely not, but it’s a necessary evil to learn important lessons. …

ELI5… or 12ish

Dapps are the final, and arguably most difficult, concept to really wrap your head around when it comes to imagining a distributed technology future. I can vaguely remember my first questions when scrolling down the webpage for the first time, “Distributed… application? Ok, distributed how? I create a part of an application and am supposed to find the other part in this system? I only build one part and distribute the other parts to other people? How do I find everything I need if an application is just… scattered everywhere? ….RUN AWAY!!

I thought about it for a few…

The basic concepts of a wallet in Ethereum

I’ll admit, I’m floating in the writer’s block abyss this cycle and the busier we get in Ethereum, the less time there is to focus on distributed network philosophies and impacts. This writing work is too important to simply hire out though and Joshua Hannan is going to start putting out great content along with me so be sure to check him out!

With that said, I received a request for some information this week about our wallet libraries and the wallets you can deploy with them. This led me to wonder how many people actually understand the concept of…

This question will be at the core of future software engineering.

Just a few days ago the Raiden Network blessed us with the developer preview for their state channel implementation. This technology is super exciting and one of several important projects that bring scalability solutions to Ethereum. Raiden does this in particular by offloading on-chain transactions and giving folks the tools to communicate off-chain. While these words may sound complex to you I promise that 80%+ of the complexity here has been undertaken by the Raiden team. Major kuddos to them! To explain this on-chain/off-chain paradigm, as well as the tradeoffs, I’ll break down the concepts of state and give an…

A starting point for developers

ICO’s and white papers, that’s all we hear about these days in the crypto space when peeking outside of the Bitcoin bubble and into Ethereum.

It’s hard enough to focus from the inside and I can only imagine the confusion when trying to get in from the outside at this point. For some folks, you just want to understand what this blockchain dynamic is, and for others, you need to know where to look for help. I’m going to use this post to list some of the key figures and places to start your research.


Vitalik Buterin

No list of people in…

Let’s see how secure it is!


  • Wallet was located on the Ethereum mainnet at 0xe0b41671cc6374f1a564459b8298e87585a28a84 . We’ve since moved funds to use them elsewhere, thanks to those that participated!
  • We gave part ownership to blackhat address 0xb3764761e297d6f121e79c32a65829cd1ddb4d32
  • Here’s the private key for owner[1] d70cd666785c077f9c04070e08812076786a109ab7000a76a36ed3a89a0953ef
  • There are 7 total owners
  • There’s no longer any Ether.

Wallet Highlights:

  • Can have up to 50 wallet owners.
  • Allows for signature requirements to be defined for three types of operations: administrative, minor transactions, and major transactions.

Administrative: These are transactions that change signature requirements, add owners, remove owners, etc.
Minor Transactions: These are ether or token transfers below a set daily threshold. …

How do we make sense of these high dollar coin offerings?

Whether you’re a participant, a builder, or just sitting on the sideline scratching your head, most of us are asking this question in one way, shape, or form. We’re seeing a bubble reminiscent of the dot com era with private companies using a technology few completely understand.

We know about all of the obvious warnings and YET we have the Status ICO and Protocol Labs ICO raising millions of dollars in mere minutes. While I have no problem declaring irrational markets, I feel there is a new dynamic we should explore to find missing pieces to this mysterious puzzle.

Therefore, I’m going to take the other side for this post and explain why they in fact DO make sense.

Utility Tokens


Web 3 is on its way… like it or not

Those that are sitting comfortably inside of their well designed 2010 web application can either ignore it for approximately 3 more years or start to take notice now.

Most of us understand technology is not the place to get comfortable else you risk being left behind, and when that happens, it gets ugly real fast. Ask Yahoo.

So, at the very least, keeping up with information ABOUT new technology even before it’s viable can keep you and your team in the conversation and ready to take action when the time comes.

With that said, if you’re still solely relying on…

The technology knows no borders, shatters societal barriers, and will disassemble your mental model with ease.

Ethereum allows for confident, friction-less exchange on a global scale with no prerequisite for trust. It can be set to automatically process any transaction you could imagine with its open source brain. Yes, I believe 100% in this technology because it just…makes…sense.

Many would argue that all of it is for naught. There are too many attack vectors, there’s too much at risk, and in due time will be reduced to ashes by hackers. If it’s not the speculators abandoning the project when the market crashes, then it’s going to be the distributed world turning its back when they realize…

Ethereum has got to be one of the most exciting projects since we started linking computers together.

Its gigantic ups and downs create waves of controversy but the good news is we’re learning from them, the bad news is people are willing to risk a lot of money; which makes for REALLY bad headlines.

Having said that I’d like to take a moment to discuss three kinds of recent attacks that have cost people millions in fiat currency, what they are, how they work, and what we can do as a community to reduce the risk.

The wrong web 2.0 address

Wow, how many reddit posts are there about MyEtherWallet?? u/Insomniasexx at MyEtherWallet tends to get agitated about it and for good…

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