Not All Men? Well, actually…
Alicen Grey

Men are 1000% more insecure than women. Unfortunately, it took us millenia to figure this out. Men cannot be questioned. When cornered, with their tails between their legs, most will attack viciously to protect their quivering manhood. But, ladies please don‘t back off. For centuries we have been raising them to believe that they ARE in fact men. Unfortunately, now they believe it. Majority have nothing to show for it. Society created beasts like Donald Trump. This aging, unsleepable, douche bag, is the perfect example how fragile manhood really is. At first sight of a receding hairline, and a flacid dick, a man will stop at nothing to viciously protect the illusion that he is still a force to be reckoned with, a conqueror of dizzy, buxom women, and a knower of nothing. Ladies, we have been duped.