Brianna Wu, Boston Game Developer To Run For Congress

Brianna Wu, the controversial co-founder of the Boston game company Giant Spacekat, has decided to run for Congress. The professional victim is back with another narrative, claiming that she is launching a campaign to run for Congress in 2018. Miss Wu, a transexual, held an interview with the Globe, where she points out that she is in the beginning stages of assembling a campaign team, hiring a lawyer, and gathering information to file the appropriate paperwork for a Congressional run.

Brianna Wu’s current ambitions are questionable as she had false-flagged death threats against herself to remain relevant during the GamerGate drama. She has not yet revealed which Congressional district she will be running for, however, she has stated that it would be in the Greater Boston area. Since aligning herself with Hillary Clinton’s epic fail of a campaign in the 2016 General Election, Brianna Wu is also destined to fail terribly in her deluded ambition of running for Congress.

Anyone with their full faculties will not subscribe to the fallacy of having Brianna Wu, a transexual, in Congress. Miss Wu is dragging politics, and the tech world, into the ground with her vain and misguided attempt at running for Congress. This woman employs manipulative tactics, often used by religious leaders for centuries, to milk the outrage of common people for her own gain.