Happy Easter! From Nela Zisser

Watching a beautiful, svelte young woman devour a massive chocolate bunny is curiously entertaining. There’s a bit more to Nela Zisser than that.

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand and weighing in at 105 pounds, this professional model, restaurant owner, former Miss Earth New Zealand, pre-med student and, yes, competitive eater is a 23-year old wonder.

She holds dual citizenship (New Zealand and U.S.) and has proudly competed at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on the 4th of July for the last two years. Nathon’s is the World’s Cup of competitive eating. Nela is sanctioned by Major League Eating and has been referred to as “The Alligator” and “A Weapon of Mass Digestion.”

With over 100 youtube videos literally chronically her incredible feats of eating and having just hit 100,000 subscribers, Nela is proudly marching on.

Quoted directly from her profile at majorleagueeating.com :

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