Hate Twitter?: Conservatives Asked To Donate To Legal Funds To Be Used In Suing Twitter

Conservatives are vowing to fight back against the tyranny of Twitter and are ready and raring to sue the social media site on grounds of discrimination, censorship against conservatives and anti-trust violations.

The crowdfunding journalism site WeSearchr is leading the cause to sue Twitter by launching a unique fundraising mechanism for the class suit against Twitter. It has named its campaign to sue Twitter as “Make Twitter The Next Gawker”, and within hours since it started the online call, it quickly generated almost $3,000 starting shares from 45 contributors. It has pegged the minimum needed amount or bounty to be raised to cover the costs of suing Twitter at $250,000.

The determined effort to finally sue Twitter was triggered by the most recent discrimination and censorship tyrannical move of Twitter when the site suspended the account of WeSearchr in the midst of its aggressive push to identify the inauguration attacker of alt-right activist and leader Richard Spencer, and make the thug pay for his crime by bringing him to court. Supporters, followers and believers of Spencer and of free speech were gaining strong ground raising more than $4,000 in bounty in just a day since it launched its online campaign to track down the attacker when Twitter suspended without warning and a justifiable reason the WeSearchr account. One of WeSearchr founders, Chuck Johnson, threatened to sue Twitter.

And now they’re laying the ground works- and involving the public and all those Twitter has wronged in many ways- to turn that threat of charges into reality. WeSearchr in its campaign page also listed some of the most abusive sins of Twitter in recent past including breaking off deals with the Trump campaign last year in an effort to protect its favored candidate Hillary Clinton; and the site’s decision to permanently ban mostly conservatives on their platform like Milo Yiannopoulos, Chuck Johnson, Pax Dickinson, Martin Shkreli and many others based on arbitrary, flimsy or even non-existent pretexts.