Ivanka To Speak At Women’s Empowerment Event In Berlin

Ivanka will arrive in Berlin on April 25. She will be part of a panel who will be discussing “Inspiring Women: Scaling up Women’s Entrepreneurship” scheduled for the summit’s afternoon session. W20 summit is in its third year and will focus this year on women’s empowerment. She is expected to also look at successful apprenticeship programs for women.

The summit will also tackle access for finance for business women, closing the gender digital divide and women’s inclusion in the labor force. Ivanka and Merkel earlier met when the German Chancellor visited Washington last month. Ivanka helped arrange a meeting as requested between American and German business leaders in the U.S. to talk about vocational training during Merkel’s visit.

The First Daughter’s role as special assistant to her president-father was made official weeks ago. She has been given an office in the West Wing and security clearance. She has announced, however, that she will not draw any salary from her White House post. She promised to also comply with all ethics rules governing government officials. The first daughter is considered to be the closest and most influential person to President Trump. He said many times that he listens to her views on issues and policies.