Ivanka Trump’s High Heel Shoes Are Big Sellers Online

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was dropped by some American stores. Her shoes are now saving her business.

Unfortunately, her clothing, footwear and accessories line have not had good luck since her father became President.

However, the sales of her high heels have increased over the past month. She has advertised her shoe range by wearing them.

The online store Lyst has reported that Ivanka’s fashion line has had an increase in sales.

Her number one selling item was her high heels, followed by dresses.

Ivanka’s brand grew fast since February 9th. It was the same day that Kellyanne Conway promoted the line in a TV interview.

Kellyanne Conway who is a top White House adviser, was accused of breaking ethics rules after telling viewers to go and buy Ivanka’s products.

Ivanka’s sales increased by 219 per cent and her brand was the eleventh most popular on Lyst.