Kidnapping Western Tourists Part of N. Korea Plan for Defense

The vicious plan to target and snatch Western tourists will reportedly be used as a sick bargaining tool in case war erupts between North Korea and the U.S. The shocking information comes from a former North Korean soldier who defected.

Ung-gil Lee, a former corporal in the 11th Storm Corps who fled the communist regime 11 years ago gave a detailed account to European media what the communist regime planned to do in the event of war. The North Korean agents would sneak into the South, change their clothing perhaps in an effort to blend in with the South Korean crowd, go into areas where there are lots of foreigners and capture some of them.

The former North Korean soldier said that they memorized locations, phone numbers and the car number plates of major embassies.

The defector also shared his opinion that the U.S. must not attack unless it is sure that it can kill the barbaric tyrant Kim Jong-Un. He has specifically given his ‘friendly’ warning to President Trump.

What Ung-gil said is not exactly far from reality, because infiltration into South Korea by North Korea elite troops has indeed happened in the past. North Korean units of soldiers remain active in testing the defense capabilities of their bitter enemy. They have been detected operating inside and around South Korea numerous times since the end of the Korean War.

In 1996, a North Korean sub managed to land three troops to spy on South Korea’s navy near Jeongdongjin, but their vessel ran aground on its way to picking up its team.

The crew tried to cleverly destroy all intelligence materials in the sub and tried to make it back to North Korea, but the whole team except for one was killed by South Korean forces.

Kim Jong-Un just this morning tried to defy the U.S. and the world’s urging for it to abandon its nuclear arms ambitions anew by launching yet another missile, but its attempt failed. The South Korean military reported the said attempt near the Sinpo region, around the same area from where North Korea tested a ballistic missile last month.