Project Veritas Action Release of Shocking Audio Inside CNN

The announcement was not good news to everyone especially for some staffers who were legitimately alarmed that O’Keefe would be releasing tapes that could expose CNN. This was based on O’Keefe’s reputation with undercover video recordings. O’Keefe was featured on The Drudge Report and the Sean Hannity’s radio show before releasing the tapes.

The Thursday release landed with a dull thud. However, not all the hours of tapes have been made available for review, there’s also a huge probability of damning recordings being unveiled.

The Project Veritas’ news release on the tapes highlights a segment in which two producers are talking about the use of certain polls and why then-CNN polling director Paul Steinhauser declined to use a poll by Rasmussen, a group whose polling methods are still not widely acceptable. There’s also another highlight of an assignment desk editor who says that Fox News is unbearable and a news desk editor talking about how there’s no debate about climate change.