Why I don’t mind Pro-White groups.

I know that’s a crazy thing to say but this is where I’m coming from. Today it’s socially acceptable to be Pro-Mexican, Pro-Black, Pro-Woman, etc. As long as you’re a minority or group that’s presumed to be less “well-off,” it’s acceptable to support a political/social movement that explicitly benefits that particular group. Why is that? I don’t know, you’d have to ask a Sociologist but this is what I think.

There is an idea in comedy and other realms that says that’s it’s distasteful to “Punch Down,” meaning when a group or person is attacking another person or group who is considered to be “below” them or less well-off economically, socially, politically, etc. So if you’re a White guy making fun of Black people or a rich guy making fun of poor people then you usually won’t win over a crowd or the public (of course comedians like Daniel Tosh and rich people like Donald Trump show that this is not always the case). I believe this is a phenomena that occurs in society as well, we allow minorities (like me) to be Pro-Minority. However the flip-side of that phenomena is that we do not allow the Majority, White people in this case, to be Pro-White. Why? Well I believe we see them as having a type of social advantage based on the color of their skin, White Privilege. We as a society find it acceptable to assume that White people have an advantage because of the color of their skin and by extension minorities have a disadvantage because of the color of their skin. Not only are we allowed to publicly talk about this assumption in the form of White Privilege but this idea is also ingrained in our political system. We have Pro-Minority political groups and even Affirmative Action programs designed to help minorities get into college. I think it’s obvious why this is though.

Historically these minority groups have been discriminated against and the assumption is that they are not as well positioned to compete with the majority in the realms of politics, academics etc. Is that true? Maybe, maybe not- it was certainly true before the 1960's and as a minority I believe that it is still true to some extent today, but I don’t think it’s as black and white as it once was (no pun intended 😄). Also if you’re born in America, regardless of race or any other factor, you are at a huge advantage over almost everyone outside of the U.S. So yes I believe minorities in the U.S. do have a tougher time getting jobs or fitting in but it’s sure better than being born as the majority in a third world country. Let’s not forget to count our blessings.

Today we are seeing more leaders, business owners, celebrities, etc. come from minority groups. We are also seeing the population of minorities, like Latinos, rising rapidly. So what happens when minorities begin to dominate positions of power and become the majority in the U.S.? Well I believe that whoever has the power will use that power to increase their own groups power and attempt to oppress other groups, in this case the oppressed group would be Whites. Now I would hope that we as minorities and more importantly as Americans, would be better than that. Just because we Latinos for example, gain power- that shouldn’t mean we begin to use that power to discriminate and oppress other groups. But as they say, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So my idea of allowing White People to form Pro-White groups and movements is born from those assumptions; if and when White People become minorities, do we as a society deem it proper for them to form Pro-White groups? I think so.

Now I want to make it clear when I say Pro-White I’m not talking about the KKK and Nazis. Those groups I don’t believe to be simply Pro-White, but also Anti-Black, Anti-Mexican, Anti-Jew, etc. This is where we as a society should draw the line, not only for Pro-White groups but for any group including Minority Rights groups. We should never allow any group to discriminate against another. Voicing an opinion that creating policy that identifies and tries to solve the problems facing your group is one thing, oppressing another group through policy is a completely different thing IMO (but you might argue it’s not).

The reason why I think we should allow for Pro-White groups today is because I believe in equality… in a completely unbiased unadulterated form of equality. So if I’m allowed to go outside and yell Brown Pride, then a White guy should be allowed to go outside to yell White Pride or White Power. Honestly I think this would still bother me but separating myself from emotion, I have to believe in my heart of hearts that if I truly believe in equality then that White person should be allowed to define themselves as White and be proud of that. Of course because of the reasons I stated earlier, today it’s not socially acceptable to be Pro-White because historically Pro-White movements have been attached to Anti-Minority policies and violence.

The history of these Pro-White groups and their actions… The KKK, Nazis, The Confederacy etc. These groups have not only been Pro-White but they committed the greatest forms of oppression against minorities. That history is still very fresh for us here in America and so I don’t think we’re ready to see any form of Pro-White group or movement in the immediate future. But I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before we see more of these movements from the Alt-Right, White Nationalist, Pro-White or whatever they want to call themselves. I don’t think the rise in these movements is simply because of Donald Trump’s America or media outlets like Breitbart, but because White People are losing their position as the majority group in the country.

I believe this Alt-Right movement, which I believe to be a precursor to explicitly Pro-White movements, is a premature reaction to the reality that White People are losing their position in society. (Although I honestly think it’s hypocritical for these groups to fear becoming the minority when they like to pretend that minorities have no disadvantage in this country.) I say that this Alt-Right movement is premature because I honestly don’t see White People as being in a bad position today, I still think they hold a large enough advantage in population and positions of power to not need to create groups and movements that support a White agenda. In essence I don’t think white people are oppressed, let me tell it though. So in a sense this Alt-Right movement is not as much about fighting the oppression of White People as much as it is about maintaining the status quo in which White People are the majority and hold most if not all the positions of power.

However! I wish none of this existed. I wish there weren’t a distinction between races and we didn’t have this innate protocol in us to favor our group and discriminate others. When you think about it what is White or Black? How do you define that- by ancestry, skin tone, musical preference? How do we define and measure power- by position, wealth, population? It’s so hard to create rules that protect minorities when the game is so unclearly defined. I can’t show you oppression and discrimination through data necessarily but I sure know it when I see it. Most minorities will attest to the fact that discrimination still exists but it’s so hard to show someone when they’ve never actually lived it. So for all I know White people might feel oppressed today as well, and I just don’t have the perspective to see it.

So you see because I believe that oppression and discrimination still exist I have to support Pro Minority Rights groups like Black Lives Matter, like LGBTQ, like MECHA, etc. It would be hypocritical of me to say that these groups shouldn’t exist. By extension because I believe in equality and change, I think eventually we will allow Pro-White groups to exist. Ideally we shouldn’t need these groups right? Ideally we would have laws that protected all groups and eventually the best people would rise to the top regardless of race, religion, sex, etc. However I don’t think that’s the reality we are currently experiencing, we’re getting really close but not completely there yet.

So because of my personal beliefs I only see myself as having two options: either I disavow any political/social group and movement that pushes the agenda of a particular race, sex, nationality etc. or I take no issue with Pro-White groups forming their own political movements. Ideally we shouldn’t need any political movement that supports a particular race, gender or whatever but I don’t think we’re there yet. Hopefully we get there right. If we keep going in the direction that we as a society have started on, more equal opportunity, then if and when White people become a minority I don’t think they’ll even need to push their own political agenda. I think we as a society will be at such a good place that everyone will have basically equal opportunity.