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Today, I lift up Naomi French. Naomi is one of the sweetest souls you will find. Words that come top of mind when describing her are … loyal, empathetic, sympathetic, culturally competent, and virtuous. Have you ever met one of those prople you can’t help but smile when you’re around them? Naomi is that person.

Whats makes Naomi awesome?

Naomi was born in Korea and adopted into a family of six along with two adopted siblings. Naomi is leaving in February to serve in an Orphanage in China for two years! This has been a dream and passion of hers for as long as we’ve known her (6 years).

Naomi has always had a heart for others, a passion for culture, and an appetite for adventure. She has served in India volunteering her time in various capacities.She visited and shadowed at an after care home for survivors of human trafficking, the home partners with IJM (International Justice Mission). Naomi is a true inspiration and is going to be an incredible social worker.

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