The Good News

Great People Doing Good Things

Today, I lift up my friend, Stephanie Siefried. Steph is a mother of four beautiful girls and one of the most hilarious (just ask her, she’ll tell you), most laid back women I know. She is the type of person who “just gets it” The type of person who chips in without being prompted, the type of person who helps clean up after a party, the type of person who drops everything when her friends need her.

What makes Steph Extraordinary?

There are so many things that make Steph extraordinary. For the purposes of attempting to keep these stories brief, I’m focusing on one. Steph is in her early 30's raising four girls, two of which are twins. In the midst of this responsibility which is extraordinary enough, she decided she wanted to help provide for her family and work smarter not harder. She had been working at a salon and being the natural leader she is, she said to herself “Im going to open my own salon.” Less than one year from when her idea popped in her head, her dream came true and she opened up Beauty Box Suites located on Mentor Ave. in Mentor. The concept of BBS is unique in that if offers stylists to become entrepreneurs themselves. Steph provides the space and amenities while the stylists decorate and work out of their own suites while pricing their individual services. Steph is a mover and shaker and does not sit still. She’s a mom, an entrepreneur, wife, friend and her business is thriving. She’s pretty awesome!