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The Good Registry
Jan 16, 2018 · 2 min read

By Christine Langdon, Co-founder and Chief of Good

At www.thegoodregistry.com right now, there’s a young girl called Johanna who has given her eighth birthday to Project Jonah to help save the whales. Instead of giving Johanna gifts, 10 people have given to Project Jonah on her behalf. Collectively they’ve raised $196 so far.

Johanna is the second child to give her eighth birthday to a good cause at The Good Registry.

With a few more birthdays under their belts, two people are currently paying forward their 50ths — one forgoing birthday presents to support Kaibosh and another to support Project Jonah (a popular choice!).

A couple who are about to marry have also asked their friends and family to give to the SPCA or the Garden to Table Trust instead of buying wedding gifts.

Someone leaving their workplace has asked for donations to The Aunties instead of a farewell gift. Their tally so far is at $145 worth of good.

That’s just a flavour of the goodness.

In less than two months since we launched The Good Registry, more than 40 people have asked for goodness instead gifts for Christmas, birthdays, workplace farewells and more. That adds up to almost $7000 that has been raised for good causes instead of being spent on gifts.

And that, I think, calls for celebration.

And for thanks.

Thank you to everyone who has set up registries to forgo gifts for goodness so far.

Thank you to everyone who has given to charities on behalf of the people they would have otherwise bought gifts for.

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback to help us keep doing more good.

Thank you to the people who give us a desk to work at (BizDojo), legal expertise (Duncan Cotterill) and mentoring, support and advice (too many to name!).

Thank you to everyone who supported our PledgeMe campaign to help us build and launch The Good Registry.

And thank you to everyone who is part of the movement — including 550-plus people who are following us on Facebook and who helped us reach more than 35,000 people last month with their likes, comments and shares. And another 300 who are part of the movement with us at Twitter.

We can change gift giving for good. And if we can do that, we change the world for good.

That sort of change doesn’t happen alone. Thank you for joining us.

The Good Registry

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