Kingston Man Realizes Dream of Meeting Taylor Swift After Launching Online Campaign

Drew Cumpson lives by the motto Keep Fighting, Keep Smiling, Stay Strong. Drew is the definition of a fighter.

In 2011, Drew suffered an accident while body surfing on a humanitarian trip in Lima, Peru. The accident left him a ventilator dependent quadriplegic of the C4 level. Life has not been easy for Drew, but his positive outlook is a fine example for anyone reading his story.

Drew is a huge Taylor Swift fan. He first met his idol in 2007, during an Ottawa tour stop. Life after that meeting has been hard. He has spent the last four years living in a hospital. Drew’s had tickets to two Taylor Swift shows since they met in Ottawa. The first show happened a few months after the accident, Drew was still in the ICU. When 2013’s Red tour hit Toronto Drew had tickets. Unfortunately, his mother’s health was failing due to cancer during the time and Drew was unable to attend. The disease would take her life months later.

Now it’s 2015. Drew was released from the hospital in early August and the timing couldn’t be better. Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour was on its way to Toronto. Drew was ready, he had his tickets and nothing was going to stop him.

Drew wanted to meet his idol again. He took to the Internet and put his request out there for the world to see. That’s where The Goodie Bag comes into this story. We saw an interview with Drew on Kingston-based Station 14. Like most the story touched us. We reached out to him to see if we could help make his dream come true.

“I was deeply moved by Drew’s story and felt compelled to try to help,” stated Peter Coultas, Founder and CEO of The Goodie Bag. “Having a mother who has battled cancer numerous times myself, I related to him in that aspect. Drew’s personality and outlook on life is very inspiring. The world needs more people like him.”

The Internet is full of information and stories. Oftentimes we become desensitized to what we read and share online. Drew’s story stood out. It’s a story of someone who’s spirit should be an example to all and his idol whom provided him a tool to battle through his struggles. As music lovers we understand the power an artist, a song, a lyric or a single note can project. Music can connect us to a moment in time, a feeling, it can communicate a message that words cannot. In Drew’s case it can inspire, motivate and heal.

“Drew’s story is something that touched a nerve with me. He’s gone through so much, enough to break most people,” explained Jason Lucas, Vice President & Marketing Director of The Goodie Bag. “There’s something special about his story and his connection with Taylor Swift’s music. We’re better people for being able to contribute to his story’s happy ending.”

Before the accident Drew told his Taylor Swift that “Teardrops On My Guitar” was his favourite song. He told her about how he discovered her music when back to school shopping with his late mother. A lot has changed in both Drew and Taylor Swift’s lives since their meeting eight years ago. They’ve both undergone struggles and achieved impressive feats of victories. We wanted to aid in Drew’s reunion and help make his dream come true. After reading about Drew’s wish we reached out to Taylor Swift and her team. They too were inspired by Drew’s story and we were extremely eager and excited to help him meet his idol during the October 3rd show.

Drew made it to this show. He and his friend Madison attended the show with backstage passes.

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