Public Entrepreneurship: How to train 21st century leaders

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Aug 6 · 5 min read

Opinion: Public sector innovation learning goes to the next level

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The innovator’s DNA

Clayton Christensen writes about the Innovator’s DNA, not an innate but a learned set of practices that help people in business solve problems more effectively. So, too, in government we need to identify and invest in the skills and abilities that make people more effective public problem solvers. If we do, we can improve how government works, creating a more effective and efficient government.

Training for the future

So how do we develop these better ways of working in government? How do we create a more effective public service?

The Public sector learning

To ensure that learning translates into practice, Australia’s BizLab Academy, turns students into teachers by using alumni of their human-centred design training as mentors for new students.

Image from the ten recommendations for training public entrepreneurs. Read all the recommendations here.

Innovating in a bureaucracy

In my own work at the GovLab at New York University, we are helping public entrepreneurs take their public interest projects from idea to implementation using coaching, rather than training.

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