Anyone else agree?

I’m in year 7 and had a rough start to year 7 since i go to a all girls school. I found the work really easy in high school compared to primary. i didnt realise how hard it would be to go to a boarding school away from your family. Not having anyone to cheer you up when you need it, no one taking care of you when your sick. its only term 1 and there has been 11 fights between girls in here and i’m terrified. i always think to myself what if I didnt have anyone else? what if i run away? My “group” (Friends) are fighting with the “popular group” all i want to say is why do we have groups in high school? is that the only way we can survive in high school theses days. i feel sorry for teachers when they have to pick where people sit, what groups belong to other groups. I also want to ask the “popular group” Why they care about my and my “groups” lives?. Gossip is horrible I hate it. I wish it never came into my life. gossip about me and my friends in the halls of school. I’m really sick of this bullying in schools. I dont want to make a stand because I dont want to be one of those girls who “bash” people for no reason. I'm so over bulling in this so called “bully safe” school. Anyone else agree?