MSI. Integrity. Resilience.

This is my second year doing the Three Word Challenge. Each New Year, Rob Hatch and Chris Brogan challenge themselves and their readers to determine three words that will be focal points for the year to come. Last year my words were Metamorphosis. Results. Social. It was very useful to have those bumpers to keep me going down the path I desired to travel.

This year my words are MSI. Integrity. Resilience.

MSI (Multiple Sources of Income)

This past year, I made a lot of money and I lost a lot of money. When a lot of things that I had built were broken or breaking, it caused me to assess the direction in which I felt life was pulling me. I took apart each aspect of my life and identified the core of each “why” that was driving me to grow.

One particular “why” of mine that required some serious wrestling was more a vision of a concrete end goal. Rather than a spiritual/emotional “why,” this is the concrete legacy “why” I desire to leave behind. Since 9th grade, I’ve been transporting my mind to my death bed to imagine the last feeling on earth I wanted to feel. I want to wade gently out of life in a state of peace as I transition to whatever will consume me (be it nothingness or everything-ness). But what was that thing that I could concretely point to and say, “Bob Cirino did that?” What did I want to build and create and why?

I confirmed that my “why” is to demonstrate and facilitate the harmony that can exist between Nature and humanity. That’s why I believe I have the skills and talents that I do. So I can build these things. To do this, I feel divinely drawn to accomplish massive tasks that manifest my ideals (to be detailed at another time).

My vision and understanding of this manifestation require a massive amount of resources including networks, intellect, natural resources, and capital.

This year I will apply last year’s wisdom in creating multiple resilient sources of income. Though these streams may start as trickling creeks, they will compound and grow to become raging torrents. One of which that I am particularly excited about is my personal brand through which I will organize and share my thoughts and philosophies via written and spoken word.


Steve Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, defines integrity as the ability to keep a promise you've made to yourself. I have noticed that I am extremely eager to make a decision to do something, like create a new habit or break an old one, only to become flimsy in the 3rd week of its integration. “Well, I did it the last couple of weeks, and I’m really busy today, so I’ll just skip it today and do more tomorrow.” As Og Mandino says, “I will not avoid the tasks of today and charge them to tomorrow for I know that tomorrow never comes.” If I can’t keep a promise I make to myself, how can I ever truly keep a promise to others?

As I learned about George Washington’s integrity in the biography Washington: the indispensable man and his journey of forging the United States, I deepened my understanding of what it means to have integrity. Though no man is perfect, Washington’s unwavering commitment to the ideal that mankind can govern itself in democracy gave him the great power and steadiness necessary to hold his rudder through a most tumultuous storm.

The eyes that most aggressively pierce into me, are my own. When I dig deeply into the depth of my being, I want to find my integrity to be firm and whole. I want to know that Bob Cirino follows through with all the things Bob feels are worth following through. I believe that this is a pathway to peace. This is an essential part of the mastery of self, the mastery of ego. I must be whole and firm in order to carry the weight of greatness; any piece missing from—or kink bent into—my being threatens my ability to support the loftiness inherent to the greatest, most loving version of myself. Once I love myself entirely, I can EVEN MORE THOROUGHLY love everything that surrounds me. At the end of the day, I am as much me as I am all the things that exist around me. Integrity is required in the wholesomeness and peace of this dynamic.


I was on the fence between “resilience” and “independence” for my third word, but I determined that resilience ecompasses indepedence. This word goes hand-in-hand with MSI and Integrity. I've taken big risks in the past, some of which have paid off in spades, but others have had me fall flat on my face. I cherish each moment of failure as I would cherish each brick in the wall of a castle. Being resilient in my drive and focus has enabled me to press on each and every day. But this year, I will reinforce my resilience within every action that I execute.

I want to embrace my integrity as a means to be resilient in my existence as “Bob,” meaning I will never lose my essence to the many turbulences of life. A coal can never lose its warmth to the wind if the burning comes from within.

My drive, my vision, my passion, my energy, my curiosity, my ambition, my EVERYTHING MUST COME FROM WITHIN. I am not a product of my environment, I am a product of my decisions. I do not make choices inspired by my environment; I make choices inspired by Bob Cirino’s principles and values. Rather than forming my identity and essence around worldly things like money or social status, I form my identity independently from the insides of my soul. This is resilience. As 2014 has certainly taught me, money and friends come and go, but you are stuck with yourself forever. A resilient soul will never bend to the pressures of outside. This resilience births my immense independence and unlimits my soul.

Integrating into society (the dimension of humanity I desire to impact)while having little money is a challenging feat. Oftentimes a lack of money inhibits forethought, distracts from focus and flow, and greatly limits independence. Napoleon Hill talks on this subject with great clarity in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Building non-correlated sources of income (in that one does not affect the other) builds resilience in my ability to access and procure resources. When building businesses, organizations, and the like, access to capital resources facilitates an independent worldly resilience that unlimits my ability to build.

Those are my three. This is how I intend to guide my 2015. What are yours?

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