Global Movements

I’ll be honest; it took me a few reads before I could understand the point of what Clay Shirky was saying… actually, I’m still not entirely sure. Why can’t people just state their point without the need to add a bunch of superfluous jargon? Anyway, I think it’s something about how global movements have created an abundance of opportunities in regards to the economy.
Andrew Hussey’s message is much clearer. Despite amazing advancements in technology, we are going backwards in equality.

I think with social media, people now have a great platform to express their social and political concerns and make a difference. Not so long ago, all you could do to make a difference was to march the streets and make a stand. But now with the internet, you can protest in addition to other methods of change. Don’t feel like waking up at 6am and marching in the cold streets? No problem, just log onto Facebook or Twitter and join the movement online. Or, you could even sign a petition, depending on what it is you’re fighting against.
Yes, despite how far the world has come with technology and other things, there are still major issues that need to be resolved in the world. The great thing about technology nowadays is that we can use it to our advantage when it comes to any kind of issue. If you can get a cause or message trending on twitter, you will reach a greater number of people rather than just marching and protesting. If you find a petition that means something to you, share it to your friends on Facebook. Share it to your followers on Twitter. Who knows, you might just find some more supporters for the cause, and they might share it and have the same impact.

In terms of capitalism in relation to this topic, I think there are certainly more opportunities for people to start a business and sell a product. Advertising is so easy now, and you can simply advertise on Facebook if you wish. However, the thing that starts to happen when everyone now has the ability to sell something is: saturation. Nobody likes getting smacked in the face with advertising, but with internet, you are faced with it literally all the time.