Global Surveillance

Surveillance is nothing new; however with the advancements in technology the means of surveying people have become more common and intricate.

We are constantly being watched whether we notice it or not. At Deakin alone, there are security cameras in every corridor in every building, near the food and café joints, and even outside. But do we even notice them? Unless you’re actively looking for them: no. We go about our day without an inclination of the fact we’re being observed. It’s alarming when you think about it, but it is something we simply do not notice. It can be quite scary actually, to think that we’re constantly being watched when we go to school, go shopping or go out to eat.
Of course it would be nice to go a day without having a camera above your head recording what you do, but the benefit of this is that surveillance can be used to resolve criminal activities and keep people safe. Ultimately I’d like to think that is the main reason for the global phenomenon of surveillance, but conspiracy theorists would have you believe there are also sinister motives behind it.

As I type this on my laptop right now, there is a camera staring at me right in the face. Now, some people would have me believe I’m being watched right now, which would actually be terrifying if it were the case. But do I honestly believe I’m being watched? No. There are far more important issues at hand than to be watching the mundane daily activities of every citizen in the country. It would be a waste of resources. To be honest I never really notice the camera that is always staring at me, but on the rare occasion I glance at it, part of me does wonder. Maybe I’ll find some tape and cover it up, because after writing this I’ll probably think about it more often.

Anyway, I believe that if surveillance is used for the purpose of protecting society, then it is absolutely a good thing. There will always be instances where power is abused, and I’m sure surveillance has been used negatively as well, but as with anything, we have to take the good with the bad.