Escape Games — Take Away Your Boredom

Many of us are already fed up on activities we always do. May it be partying with friends, going on picnics, mountain climbing, going to the mall, reading books, playing games in our gadgets, or simply staying home in our free time.

If there is one thing we are looking for nowadays is adventure. The feeling of the adrenaline rush whenever we do a certain thing. There is one booming game that not only challenges our minds but also how fast we can do a certain thing.

One of these is playing escape games. This game is now trending over the world and many can’t help but to play it even if it cost too much for them, especially when they prepare for the setting they want to play.

Escape games are very trending nowadays and some people even make this a theme with their team buildings, family reunions, date nights, bachelorette parties or even birthday parties. Escape games are set in a variety of fictional locations such as dungeons, prison cells and space stations. You will need to use all of the elements of the room to escape within the set time limit.

In 2015, there were over 2,800 escape room venues worldwide. These are particularly lucrative for the operators, as the upfront investment can be as low as US$7,000, while a party of 4–8 customers pay around US$25–30 per person for one hour to solve a room puzzle, being able to generate annual revenue in the range of several hundred thousand dollars. This game has been a hit to all highly stressed students and over worked young professionals. Sometimes the excitement becomes a bit much, though, and players get so invested that they tear down equipment or decorations inside their “fake” prisons.

The adrenaline rush that the players go through to make it in time to escape is too much that all adventurous types of people. Some people really don’t enjoy parties where they expect only drinking and dancing all night. Its really good to know that now in our generation we can choose from different types of things that we can do with our parties.

If you and your friends are one of those adventurous type of squad, then escape games on a birthday party will really be one great idea.

Escape game will be a most suggested theme if you are already worn-out of the usual birthday party themes.

Countdown Games which is located in Lexington Kentucky offers REAL Escape game. Countdown Games give users the chance to engage problem solving and puzzle skills in a completely unique way. With some of the biggest escape rooms in the world and the most thoughtful and intriguing puzzles you and your friends will really enjoy. This game will not only challenge you puzzle solving skills but will also help you build camaraderie with your friends while enjoying and having fun.

Countdown Games are built to have a uniquely different experience every time you come, equal in quality but very diverse in premise and approach. Countdown games offers special pricing and timings on groups larger than 25.


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