Tangalooma Island Water Activities by Tanga Tours

If you are looking for amazing water activities, Tangalooma Island is where the fun begins and never stops. Located in the heart of Moreton Island at Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, countless water adventures are waiting for you, the gang and families. This amazing place is also perfect for group outings and events. So start packing-up your things for you will have the time of your life.

Here are the Tangalooma Island water activities that everyone should try.

SNORKELING — Go snorkeling in the clear waters and get a chance to see the wonderful marine life that nature has to offer.

MOTOR BOAT — Experience a motor boat adventure slicing through the waves.

CATAMARAN HIRE — Hire a catamaran and glide the waters of the island.

STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDING — Have fun and at the same time exercise while paddling the awesome waters of Tangalooma Island.

SCUBA DIVING — Enjoy underwater adventure as you come face to face with marine animals.

BEACH BIKES — Pedal your way on the sandy beach on a bike which is great for the family.

KAYAKING — A water sport that Tangalooma Island offers for a one of a kind fun in the sun.

When you’re done with the water activities, you can now relax and be pampered with a massage and spa. After a busy day in the water, it surely is invigorating to just lay down, relax and close your eyes for a soothing massage and spa.

These are just some of the activities you can expect in Tangalooma Island. Great water adventures that will surely make your day. A one of a kind place where you, your friends and your family will enjoy. The water activities in Tangalooma Island is brought to you by Tanga Tours. Great staff is always there to assist you and will be giving you the best weekend or vacation you could ever imagine.

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