Is this the way to Amarillo?

Amarillo S.M.A.S.H
Farmageddon Brewing Co-Op
Co. Down Northern Ireland
6.7% ABV

SMASH (single malt and single grain)
White label, black and red font script jobs I think poison. Boar on the front is it?

It pours a hazy darkish ruby with a head that dissipates quickly to a frothy foam. Whoa it smells! Yer man in the offie told me he thought it tasted off. He contacted the brewery and they said that’s how it’s supposed to taste. He said he’ll reimburse me if I don’t like it. Sound like! Tis expensive too the fecker!

Right. I imbibe. Feck it’s earthy! Hoppy of course but there’s a sickly sweetness overpowering the hops. So earthy! I’m thinking moles and shrews. What might they smell like? Like this? I sip again. I sit there. I just feckin sit there! Am I being bullied? After what seems like a millennium, I turn to the wife.

“Taste this” I says
‘Ugh! Like medicine’ she says ‘take it away, throw it out!’

I do and I don’t.

I will sip, swill and sniff this for a further hour.
I get it! It needs to breathe like a wine! And it’s a lot better at room temperature. Don’t bother with your fridge nonsense hey. Although it’s a 6.7% bang of Absolute Balooba Volts! , it actually tastes like an 8 or 9%er! And being a 500ml bottle it’s a lot to deal with.
I get the boar on label now. There he is raising dust with his tusks, clouds of earthy dust, and those shrews and moles scurrying down their burrows before he makes absolute bits of them! Poor craythureens.
This beer is cracked!
Ha! It’s hilarious! So potent in every way! Is it nice? I dunno but it’s certainly a challenge.

Drink me I dare ya! Says Amarillo
Drink me or I’ll baayte ya with me tusks says Amarillo!

Is this the way to Amarillo?
Show me the way to Amarillo!

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