Ya know it, modernist, polished concrete floors, preserved lemons.

Crafty Dan
13 Guns American IPA
5.5% ABV

I crack one open. Click. Hiss. Glug. Glug. Glug. Ahhhhhh!
It had being a balls of a day at the place I turn up to make bobjobs. Under the arm I had a 4 pack. 4 Sexthetically pleasing cans. Elegant like a Georgian gaff, a kind of eggshell white in colour, fresh, modern and inviting, the colour herself would love to paint the dream home. Ya know it, modernist, polished concrete floors, preserved lemons.
Anyway where was I, oh ya 13 Guns. Good name, good lookin.

13 guns by Crafty Dan. It’s a kind of pet craft brewery arm of Thwaites. A 20 barrel brewery, Thwaites main one being a 180 minimum barrel brewery. American IPA style with 5.5% ABV’s

After those first few glugs I decided I’d drink the 4, review the 4. Seeing them together it just made sense that they were one unit. So. A hop bang which I expected but with a lovely sweetness cutting through. A mild citrus. Man did my mouthfeel good! I swamped it while tryin ta ring the auld wan. We’ve shit coverage in our gaff.

Can you hear me?
Are ya there?

Feck sake every time. Ok can 1 down me drainpipe. That’s tasty and I’m in a good place.
Can 2 was imbibed while cooking my 28 day aged Hereford steak. Sippin and sizzlin is a good combo. Christ it was butter melting soft succulent! Le juicy!!! Anyway both cans I drank from, I didn’t bother with a glass so when I poured the 3rd I was pleasantly surprised! It’s so dark in colour! A dark ruby red. Wasn’t expecting that! More a pale straw colour?

It tastes different too from the glass. I think the hop taste was more intense from can, it’s mellowed in glass, the maltiness coming through a bit more now. Here listen just read the pic I have there of side of can that gives ya tasting notes and hops used. I’ll just give ya the vibe like. Wheeeeey! All beers should have info like this on the can/bottle!

I’m getting an earthiness at the end of can 3 I hadn’t noticed before. That’ll be the temperature I’d say. Rising like. A greater intensity of maltiness really.
Can 4, well it’s can 4 and it’s hard to review by number 4 to be honest. Just drink the thing and never mind that feckin blog! I sez to meself. You’re right I sez back.

Sweet glugiddy glug glug.

So to finish 13 Guns is a solid functional IPA in the vain of Punk IPA. Fruity, flowery, hops balanced with warm sweet malt. With it’s 5.5% bump it’s maybe a tiny bit strong to be sessionable? Just about like. A 4 pack is perfect. It was the can that sold me in the first place, a cannon and the words ‘a salute to the original 13 states of America’. Eggshell white minimal. Slick. Sexy. Fair enough. Phone rings again.

Hello? Can you hear me?

I can mam, what’s the craic?

Just thought I’d call ya, couldn’t hear a thing earlier with that feckin reception ya have, what’s the weather like there it’s pissin here?

Cloudy here, grand though.

What are you at?

Oh I’m just drinkin a beer for that blog I’ve started.

Drinkin again! I bet herself isn’t?

No she’s not no.

Of course she isn’t, I dunno how she puts up with ya! Ah I’m only messin, listen I’m gonna go again Corrie is on in a minute and I’ve the sittin room to myself, himself is ou…Hello? Ca.. y.. ear m..

Reception gone. Bye mam.

Crafty Dan 4 pack cost me €10, €2.79 each. Available in bottle too along side their Triple C, a golden ale and Big Ben, an American style brown ale.
The can looks slick and modern and the beer has a great all round balance of flavour.very well rounded. I give it an 7/10.

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