Deadline to Save Net Neutrality!

An image of the the Earth from space covers the top third of the photo. Beneath it, text reads “Time is Running Out to Save the Internet.

Wizard Activists: The fight for net neutrality isn’t over! We can still win and we need your help to do it. Ever since June 11th when the FCC’s repeal of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules took effect, state governments such as those in California and Washington have been passing their own laws to protect an open Internet for their citizens. However, it isn’t only the states that are fighting back. Lawmakers in Congress now want to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to try and overturn the FCC’s decision. In order to succeed, the CRA will need a simple majority in both chambers of Congress as well as the president’s signature.

Here is where you come in! This CRA has to be enacted within a specific time frame and the deadline is December 10th! Our friends at Fight for the Future have organized one last day of action on Thursday, November 29th. They have partnered with many web companies and celebrities to help get the message to Congress that we want the CRA to be enacted by the deadline in order to overturn the repeal of net neutrality. Please visit their website at and take action! There you will find an open letter to Congress, ideas on how you can help, banner ads, and other tools. You can even add your picture to the growing list of net neutrality advocates!

This is a call to action for anyone who wants to keep the Internet open and free from paid prioritization, throttling, and website blocking. Let’s make our voices heard!