Our Plan For Resistance

American democracy has entered a new era, one that’s defined by widespread fear and anxiety among marginalized communities and their allies. Now is an important time for the Harry Potter Alliance to reaffirm its commitment to these communities, their civil rights, and the advancement of policies that serve true equality for all. Our staff stands with wands at the ready, and we are prepared to meet the challenges that the next four years are sure to bring.

There is so much that’s worth fighting for, much more than a small nonprofit like ours could possibly tackle. Nonetheless, we will transcend our limitations and make measurable impact on the following critical issues:

Climate Change

Climate change is real. We believe in protecting the natural environment with both individual and institutional actions in order to help avoid future disasters and reduce the negative impact of human activity on climate change. We recognize that marginalized communities are often the first and most dramatically impacted by climate change. As such, we are committed to supporting refugees, impoverished communities, and others whose lives are jeopardized by the adverse effects of climate change.

Education & Libraries

We believe that stories are powerful and that through literacy anyone can access that power. We believe that a truthful education should be accessible to all. We advocate for libraries because we recognize the key role that libraries play in communities, education, and literacy.

Gender Equity

The HPA urges its members and chapters to Hex the Patriarchy. This means that we practice intersectional, trans-inclusive feminism and fight for inclusive gender equity. All people have the right to equal pay and equal opportunities, freedom from violence and harassment, and the right to make their own decisions about their health and their bodies, including reproductive rights. We enthusiastically acknowledge that 85% of our members identify as women and that Hermione Granger was the true hero of the Harry Potter series.

LGBTQIA+ Equality

Approximately half of HPA leaders and members identify as LGBTQIA+. At the HPA, we are committed to fighting for equality and standing in solidarity as LGBTQIA+ people and allies. We believe that all gender and sexual identities are valid and important, and that all people have the right to explore, learn about, grow in, and express their identity and to advocate for their rights and respect. We work within ourselves, our fan community and with local and national organizations to advocate for everyone’s right to be safe, supported, and free to express their identities.

Media Reform

We believe in the importance of an informed citizenry with equal access to the internet. Thus, we support real net neutrality and oppose paid fast lanes. We actively work to increase the media literacy of our membership, and support the first amendment rights of the press to engage in real, accurate reporting. We believe that fan works are fair use, and that the creative transformation of stories benefits society and culture. Finally, we support privacy protection for citizens and believe all people should be free from invasive government and corporate surveillance.

Racial Justice

We will fight white supremacy by dismantling racist institutional practices and social behaviors. We believe that #BlackLivesMatter. We will learn from and amplify the voices of people of color, indigenous people, and undocumented immigrants, and invest in training and educating allies. Further, we will work to fight back against Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and all hatred targeted at ethno-religious groups.

Youth Advocacy

We will continue working to expand the political and social capital of young people, through our campaigns and our leadership development programs.

Our community of chapters spans six continents and 30 countries, and many choose to work on other important issues like hunger, access to water, homelessness, and animal rights. We support and embrace our chapters in these critical endeavors. However, our central organization will remain focused on the above seven main objectives. Our goal is to direct our members toward specific actions on these issues at least once every 1–2 weeks, via the hashtag #NevilleFightsBack and similar hashtags like #LunaFightsBack, #BuffyFightsBack, #KatnissFightsBack, etc.

We invite every Harry Potter fan to join us in this important resistance. Our fandom has proven itself capable of global impact, from massive disaster relief projects to the elimination of child slavery in cocoa sourcing and beyond. We’ve paved the way for countless other fandoms to get civically and politically engaged.

We also invite other fandoms to join the fight. Fans of many stripes are HPA members and chapter organizers. Many HPA chapters draw inspiration from other popular stories, like Star Wars and Doctor Who. We also appreciate and admire leaders in other fandoms who’ve formed their own organizations and who’ve engaged their communities in important advocacy work. We want all of you at the table and encourage you to if you have ideas for collaboration.

Now more than ever before, all fan activists are needed to shine a light on the world’s most pressing challenges and to lead the way on solving them.

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The Weapon We Have Is Love,

Matt Maggiacomo

Executive Director, The Harry Potter Alliance

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