Shifting Timelines pART#13: TIME IS COMING FULL SPIRAL


The Harmonic Factor
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“The noosphere represents the breakthrough to a new consciousness, a new time and a new reality arising from the biospheric crisis. This is known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.” — José Arguelles

For the ancient Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures, 52 YEARS is revered as a sacred marker in time, as it signals the moment when the Calendar of 260 DAYS synchronizes with the Solar Calendar of 365 DAYS.

With this reflection in mind, about ONE YEAR ago we decided to embark on the “Shifting Timelines” new series of articles to mark in this way the completion of this MAJOR holographic stage within the evolution of planetary consciousness according to the ancient Maya Time-Science.


Little did we suspect at the time that after only + 1 YEAR-TIME we would be publishing pART #13 and complete a FULL 13-UNIT hologram of this NEW adventure in continuing consciousness through the accelerating ascending spiral of TIME…

Since then, and during these past 13 MOONS, we have been cultivating in this virtual space the “noospheric perspective”, and discovering more key connecting layers between PAST-PRESENT and FUTURE timelines.

What started as an experiment in keeping track of the current events on Earth under the lens of the synchronic order, has turned into a deep Journey into the stages of our evolution, tracking in NOW TIME the MAJOR SHIFTS taking place on our planet!

If YOU are reading these words, we Thank YOU once again for your interest and reflection. If you are new here, we highly recommend to revisit pART #1 for the full background of this exploration and then return to this article


Contemplation and reflection often require looking back so that the view looking forward becomes clearer. This 13th pART is therefore an opportunity to look back and recapitulate on the path we have travelled so far and in this way prepare our consciousness for the next stages of our evolutionary journey.


The origin of the name stems from the realization that since 2012–2013 we are transitioning a critical node between multiple and parallel timelines…

These timelines have been progressively synchronizing and shifting into higher frequencies, revealing and weaving over time a larger order or reality, allowing us to define with clarity new holographic time containers and establish highly coherent and cohesive patterns of harmony between celestial events above and planetary events below.


Our method and approach in this adventure has been very simple: for some years we have been highlighting some sensitive time-nodes (dates) and important events associated with those dates within the biosphere-noosphere transition timeline. Then we track these patterns and cross-reference their relationships using the 4th dimensional tools of the synchronic order, the Ancient Maya Vigesimal Long Count and the Golden Ratio as our guiding rods along this journey.

This experiment is allowing us to discover and map NEW KEY intersecting NODES of harmonic resonance between the 3 calendrical systems we have been exploring for the past years:

φ • The Gregorian/Julian calendars
φ • The Mayan Long Count of 13 Baktun and 20 Baktun cycles
φ • The 13 Moon, 28-Day Calendar and the Tzolkin/13:20 Natural Time Matrix

This process is serving us to define, with greater clarity, the roadmap to the Golden Intersection of Timelines of 2025…

As we have established throughout this series, there is a wide spectrum of events signaling the closing of MAJOR holographic stages within the biosphere-noosphere transition timeline. The eclipse window we are closing tomorrow is one of these stages. So, on this final article, synchronized with Earth Day and the first eclipse window of 2023, we will present compounding evidence confirming the completion of KEY FRACTAL MILESTONES during this decisive year 2023…


“Given the exponential increase of man and machine, driven by money, it is more than obvious that by the final katun, 1993–2012, we are rapidly approaching a saturation point in time. The chronotopological pond of history has filled up, and there is nowhere else to go. Only prophecy can puncture the otherwise closed container of human thought enveloping the planet in the form of the 12:60 technosphere.” — José Arguelles / Valum Votan

Since we crossed the 2012 event horizon, we have been witnessing and tracking a technological revolution accelerating at an unprecedented exponential pace, characterized by the rapid and simultaneaous emergence of artificial intelligence, quantum computers, digital IDs, crypto-currencies, the “metaverse”, and 5G-6G technologies…

Image Credits: Adobe Stock

The exponential growth of these new applications has been announcing a NEW “digital event horizon”, and since late 2022, this year has been presented by “experts” as the year that artificial intelligence is “going mainstream.”


Now, after only 4 months into the Gregorian year 2023, the vowels A and I are rapidly penetrating every aspect of society… and “technology experts” of all kinds of fields are starting to question where is this accelerating path leading? and how are these new technologies impacting the future of civilization?

In an Open Letter to AI laboratories some of these “experts” are even calling for a PAUSE in the release of these new technologies to the public for at least 6 months. This is therefore a turning point on the evolutionary timeline of life on Earth.

To fully grasp the potential ramifications of this exponential technological advance, we recommend this lecture by the same creators of the documentary “The Social Dilemma”, exploring the adoption phases and pitfalls of these new technologies.

“Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin discuss how existing A.I. capabilities already pose catastrophic risks to a functional society, how A.I. companies are caught in a race to deploy as quickly as possible without adequate safety measures…”


Parallel to the growing awareness and presence of artificial intelligence, the term “singularity” is also now becoming mainstream.

Is this rapid exponential development one the first signs announcing we entering the threshold of the “singularity event?” Is this “singularity event” connected to the “Omega Point” that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin foresaw almost one century ago as the event horizon we need to cross in order to fully enter the Noosphere and a completely new evolutionary stage?


As presented so far, we are probably living through the last chapter of a long and ongoing clash of epic proportions between two opposing forces:

The Forces behind entropy and chaos,


the Forces behind Evolution and Harmony.

This agitated technological atmosphere has been serving as the perfect setting for the emergence of the “4th Industrial Revolution”… Is this the kind of future humanity really wants? Are there other alternatives?


Fortunately, parallel to the rise of artificial intelligence there is a more subtle but more powerful and ALL-encompassing intelligence at play: THE NOOSPHERIC INTELLIGENCE: The Mind of the Earth.

For this Mind of the Earth (The Noosphere) there are no splits; all realities can converge and merge in an instant… Beyond the external world of chaos, the synchronic order keeps informing us that we are entering into higher resonance with the larger HARMONIC patterns of Time.


As one of the early proponents of the concept of Earth Day, and as one of the most fervent advocates and modern-day stewards of the concept of the noosphere (the “planetary sphere of mind”), José Arguelles elucidated with mathematical clarity our current evolutionary “rite of passage” into a NEW species. The essence of Dr. Arguelles’ vision to restore Planet Earth as a Living Work of Art throughout his life was condensed in his last book, “Manifesto for the Noosphere.”


In an amazing display of synchronic elegance and harmonic coherence, the completion of #53-YEAR MILESTONE from the first celebration of Earth DAY is enshrined within the eclipse window and synchronized with powerful celestial alignments and solar events taking place at the start of the 13-DAY wavespell of the Storm. On the Gregorian calendar, this 13-DAY cycle goes from April 22, 2023 (Kin 79 1Storm) to May 4 (Kin 91 13Monkey).

The energy of the Storm invites us to hold the power to catalyze the self-generation of energy. It is an open invitation to enter and embody our own vortex energy field to change the world.


The Storm represents the Galactic Archetype of “The World Changer” and is the 19th out of 20 solar seals on the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.

From the perspective of the synchronic order, the completion of 53 YEARS of planetary consciousness on KIN 79 represents a frequency alignment of KEY harmonic significance, considering that Number 79 corresponds precisely to the “Noosphere Constant”, and that this 13-DAY cycle is highlighted by the convergence of multiple KEY harmonic factors and actors. How is this? Let´s examine them ONE by ONE:


As presented here for the past 7 years, Earth Day has been, for many reasons, deeply connected to Prophecy. As referenced on pART #12 of this series, published last KIN 66 1World Bridger (Easter Sunday 2023), it was also precisely 504 YEARS ago, on April 22, 1519 (Good Friday — Julian count), when Hernán Cortés arrived to the coasts of Mexico, marking the START of the first “underworld cycle” of 52 YEARS within the Quetzalcoatl prophecy of the “13 Heavens and 9 Underworlds”…

…and it was on Good Friday 1987, only a few weeks before the Harmonic Convergence, and right at the END of the 9th Underworld cycle of 52 YEARS, when José’s groundbreaking book “The Mayan Factor” was published…

“What the priests of the Catholic Church thought they had buried through an auto-da-fe in Izamal, Yucatan, 1562, and overcome through the imposition of the Julian-Gregorian calendar over the conquered Maya, returned with the precision of prophetic timing in 1987. The publication of The Mayan Factor not only opened the door to a new look at the Maya, but also to an understanding of time that was anything but chronological. A new dimension of time appeared-radial, fractal time, the synchronic order. And behind the reassessment of the nature of time was the provocative call of Mayan prophecy-the end of the thirteen baktun Long Count, 2012.” — José Arguelles

The Mayan Factor was presented as the alternative counter-spin to “the path of technology”…

It was during this same Blue Storm wavespell, 260 DAYS ago, when we published pART #2 of this series. At the time, we noted:


“José Arguelles’ Vision was focused on creating “the Spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb” by organizing a global mass meditation for peace that would neutralize and redeem the damage and negative karmic imprint of the most 2 disastrous nuclear events in Human History…

The Harmonic Convergence was organized during these specific dates to “plant the seeds” of a New Planetary Consciousness at the EXACT moment in TIME: the same Galactic Signature date as the Hiroshima atomic explosion on Earth, so it could have the “mathematically correct” re-balancing karmic effect.”

Precisely 13 YEARS ago, in one of the biggest ecological disasters of this century #21, the Deep Water Horizon oil platform collapsed in the Gulf of Mexico on Earth Day April 22, 2010, 491 YEARS after the arrival of Hernan Cortez to the Gulf of Mexico…

Photo Credits: The New York Times.

… And 260 DAYS ago we completed 77 YEARS from the Hiroshima nuclear event on KIN 80 2Sun, revealing a CLEAR noospheric connection in TIME between these 2 MAJOR archetypal events…

In other words: The memory imprint of the Hiroshima event is redeemed every 260 days with the celebration of Earth Day! This is a CONSTANT, as there is always 260 KIN between August 6 and April 22.


In a magical expression of noospheric intelligence at work, Earth Day #53 was signaled by a powerful Earth-directed coronal mass ejection…


This solar explosion arrived precisely on April 23, 2023, KIN 80 Yellow Lunar Sun, and generated the most powerful Geomagnetic Storm of 2023, igniting an unprecedented presence of auroras across the Earth from North to South and South to North.

This synchronization is reminiscent of a very similar scenario that took place precisely at the start of the 13-DAY cycle of the Sun (Kin #40), that started with a powerful X-Flare.


One year ago, the completion of ONE PERFECT SOLAR-GALACTIC FRACTAL HOLOGRAM OF 52 YEARS since humanity “officially” recognized planet Earth as ONE organism, synchronized with a unique planetary alignment…

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in perfect alignment on April 22, 2022, from NSW Australia. Photo by Matt Smith

… and a major spike in solar activity, important religious observances, and historic events, highlighting its multi-dimensional relevance…

Now, +1 YEAR later, the completion of #53 YEARS from the first celebration of Earth DAY was highlighted by a breathtaking planetary alignment between Venus + The Moon and the Pleiades with the Lyrids shower as background. ⭐️🌙💫🌌

EARTH DAY. STAR NIGHT: On April 22, 2023 the waxing crescent moon was between the Pleiades star cluster and bright Venus. Chart via John Jardine Goss/ EarthSky.


As introduced on pART #10, within New Sirius Cycle Chronology, 53 Solar Years is defined as the frequency of “Sirian (52) Rebirth (+1)” (52+1=53).

This represents therefore the completion of A KEY HOLOGRAPHIC MILESTONE within the first #52-YEAR cycle of the Evolution of the #Noosphere (1987–2039,) Since 52 is the Sirius Number, Number 53 holds the frequency of “Sirian Rebirth” (52+1).


On the Sacred Tzolkin count of 260 DAYS, last Easter window synchronized with the closing of the 13-DAY wavespell of Prophecy. As presented on pART #12 of this series, 2023 marks a crucial intersection of timelines. This year we are completing the following MAJOR holographic milestones:

  • 53 YEARS of Earth Day (1970)
  • 52 YEARS from the publication of the “Lord of the Dawn” (1971)
  • 13000 DAYS from the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE (1987)
  • 26000 DAYS from the Discovery of the tomb of Pakal Votan (1952)
  • 441 YEARS of the Gregorian Calendar Reform (1582)
  • 530 YEARS from The Papal Bull Inter-Caeteras (1493)


Number 53 is analog of KIN 53, 1Ben (Reed/Ehecatl), the birth sign of the prophet Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl. KIN 53 marks the start of the 13-DAY cycle of prophecy (KIN 53–65). From this fractal time perspective, this instance of Earth Day is marking the entrance to a 13-YEAR period that serves as a holographic container of the wavespell of prophecy.

In other words: This 13-YEAR hologram (2023–2035) starts on April 22, 2023 with KIN 79 1Storm (the “Noosphere Constant”) and closes on April 22, 2035 on KIN 39 13Storm (the galactic signature of the “TimeShift” of July 26, 1992). This represents, therefore, a new climatic stage within the biosphere-noosphere transition timeline.


Within this time-frame, the 60th instance of Earth DAY in 2030 is synchronizing with KIN 34 8Wizard and the completion of 60 Galactic Spins of 260 DAYS from the New Dispensation of Time (July 26, 1987). 60:60!!!

As mentioned above, according to the synchronic order, Number 79 is defined as the “Noosphere Constant.” This is based on the fact that the number of psi chrono units in one psi bank plate (the foundational structure of the noosphere) is 520, that is, 260 units for the northern hemisphere and 260 for the southern. On the other side, within the advanced system of the Synchronotron, Number 441 (21x21) holds to the Matrix of Unified Totality. Hence: 520–441 = 79.


On of the most powerful aspects of this Earth Day #53 is that it arrived enshrined by TWO eclipses. Eclipses have been revered for generations as special cosmic moments of connection with a larger order of reality. The rare hybrid SOLAR eclipse from April 20, 2023 opened a 2-WEEK window between eclipses that is concluding with the penumbral LUNAR eclipse of May 5, 2023.

The transformative nature of this eclipse window we are now closing resides in the fact that Earth Day and the FULL STORM wavespell are nested inside it.

This window is asking us at a personal and collective level, what are some of the OLD aspects of self that we need to let go of for the NEW to be born? To enhance our comprehension of the relevance of the current eclipse window we are transiting, it is important to keep PRESENT (once again) some KEY archetypal aspects associated with eclipses:

1. ON/OFF SIGNAL: During an eclipse, there is temporary interruption of the flow of light/energy (consciousness) reaching the planet. Life cycles, biorhythm cycles, growth cycles, even digestive cycles, experience a subtle disruption. Therefore, we should not underestimate the effects that this celestial event has upon ALL LIFE on the planet. IT IS A MAJOR CELESTIAL RESET SIGNAL.

2. DEATH/REBIRTH: For some indigenous peoples, a Total Solar eclipse symbolizes the “death of the sun” and it is perceived as a moment to revere ALL LIFE in quiet contemplation and cleanse while we all undergo a brief symbolic Death and Resurrection.

3.LIGHT/SHADOW: Eclipses have been associated to prophecy, the occult, and the super-natural probably since the “beginning of Times” or early years of Human Civilization. When these motifs appear on the screen of our reality/consciousness, they invite us to look up to the sky and contemplate life from a new, higher perspective, and serve as opportunities to look also within and bring hidden shadow aspects of our consciousness into the light…


From the perspective of the synchronic order, this window holds a unique set of Celestial Harmonics. How is this?

🌞🌝🌏 The spectacular alignment between Venus, and the Pleiades served as backdrop for the entrance to this SECOND eclipse window of the 13MOON Year. The combined signature of both eclipses is KIN #169. (Solar KIN 77 + Lunar KIN 92 = KIN #169).

🌞🌝🌏 KIN #169 13Moon is the 13th DAY of the 13th CYCLE of 13 DAYS of the 13:20 MATRIX commanded by the Red Magnetic Earth (Synchronicity + Navigation + Evolution). Number 13 holds the transcending cyclical power of Time.

🌞🌝🌏 KIN 169 (13×13) 13Moon also corresponds to the unified summoning power of the 4 Blood Moon Eclipses coding the prophetic 2014–2015 Tetrad cycle.

🌞🌝🌏 Number 169 is the SQUARE of 13: 13x13=169. It takes Venus 169 orbits around the SUN, hence, 169 VENUS YEARS, to complete one Venus Round of 104 EARTH YEARS, and square the circle (SUN) to rise as Morning Star from Earth on the same day on the Sacred 260-DAY calendar: 1Ajaw.

🌟The last time we closed this 104-YEAR cycle was on April 3, 2001, and last April 3, 2023 marked the completion of 22 YEARS of the current 104-YEAR Venus Round (2001–2105).

🌟The Venus Round of 104 Years is comprised by 13 Pentagonal cycles of 8 Years each. Both ofthese cycles are fractals governed by the Golden Proportion; and, the last SOLAR eclipse from October 2022 took place precisely on KIN 160 4SUN, marking the Golden Section of the 13:20 Matrix.

🌞🌝🌏 The next eclipse window will take place on October 14, 2023, synchronized with the completion of 441 YEARS (21x21) from the start of the Gregorian count, serving as a MAJOR RESET signal.

🌞🌝🌏 On the 13-Moon count the eclipse window started on DAY #17 of the Planetary Moon of Manifestation and is closing on DAY #4 of the Spectral Moon of Liberation on KIN 92 1Human: Commanding the 13-DAY cycle of Free Will.


This is, therefore, a natural window of time to recalibrate our consciousness and examine ourselves individually and collectively… It is a UNIQUE opportunity to focus our attention and intentions on this higher order of reality. It is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY to hold the intention of PLANETARY LIBERATION, and serve as anchors of the NEW ENERGIES and FREQUENCIES arriving to Earth. Enjoy the Journey in Harmony!


Last April 30, 2023 (NS1.35.10.27 KIN 87 9Hand), on the 9th day of this wavespell of the Noosphere, the ancient city of Palenque (Lakam’ha) formally adopted the Banner of Peace and was recognized as a Peace Sanctuary in ceremony.

The ceremony, organized by the International Comittee for the Banner of Peace and other important cultural organizations, took place just 2 weeks after anniversary #88 of the Roerich Peace Pact on KIN #87 9Hand, one of the clear signs of prophecy around the sarcophagus lid of Pakal Votan and numerical fractal of 1987, the first year of the Harmonic Convergence.


NOW is, therefore, IMPORTANT to remember that last Solstice Portal of December 21, 2022 synchronized with the completion of 99 Galactic Spins from the discovery of King Pakal’s tomb below the Temple of Inscriptions on June 15, 1952, KIN 218 White Planetary Mirror, by archeologist Alberto Ruz.

🌞 This discovery opened an entire new transmission of prophetic knowledge and wisdom that is still being uncovered. This transmission is known today as the Telektonon Prophecy of Pakal Votan: “The Earth Spirit Speaking Tube.”

🌞 In other words: Since we entered the solstice portal of December 21, 2022, we are completing 100 TZOLKINS / 26000 KIN from this transcendental discovery.

🌞 This 26000-KIN CYCLE is a fractal of the 26000-YEAR cycle known as the precession of the EQUINOXES.

🌞 Now it is also important to highlight that the EXACT fractal measure of the precessional cycle is 25920 YEARS and in another remarkable synchronization, this is precisely the number of DAYS in between the archeological discovery of the King of Palenque at the Temple of Inscriptions (June 15, 1952) and the 29th anniversary of the discovery of the Queen of Palenque at Temple XIII!!!

🌞 Precisely, the last Equinox Portal took place on KIN 46 7WorldBridger, the same date marking the Ancient-Future Return of Mayan sage and prophet Pakal Votan, recorded in stone on the West Panel of the Temple of Inscriptions as Long Count Marker 5Lamat (October 21, 4772), KIN 46 7 Worldbridger (read part #11 of this series for more details).

The adoption of the Banner of Peace by the city of Palenque taking place as we complete these MASTER HOLOGRAPHIC CYCLES, represents, therefore, the completion of another MAJOR PROPHETIC MILESTONE within the process of Galactic Synchronization / Harmonic Convergence that we have been carefully tracking and documenting on the Harmonic Convergence 2020–2028 Facebook page since 2013.


As presented on pART #2 of this series, Earth Ascending provides the foundational parallel 4th dimensional timeline of evolution on the planet.

Within it, Hiroshima represents the Ground Zero of a NEW TIME-line. This is how on the dating system used, the following designations are implemented to emphasize its relevance:

P.A. = Pre-atomic, AH. = After Hiroshima. August 6,1945, therefore, is the zero point in this chronological calculation. In the Chinese calendar, this date marks the germinal point of autumn, midway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox.


Within this chronology, 2023 holds a KEY marker: 78 YEARS After Hiroshima. Why is this marker relevant now?

🌎 This year the G7 annual meeting will take place in Hiroshima.

🌎 As mentioned above, Hiroshima and Earth Day are connected by a 260-day harmonic.

🌎 The Hiroshima event was preceded by a “nuclear test” at Trinity Site (parallel 33) on July 16, 1945. 2023 marks the completion of 78 years from this event.

🌎 July 16, 2023 marks the completion of 78 Earth orbits around the Sun since the first atomic event on Earth.

🌎 In another amazing synchronization, Earth Day #53 was preceded precisely by KIN 78: a fractal of 7.8 = The Schumann Resonance Frequency also known as the “Pulse of the Earth.”


“The Schumann Resonance is nicknamed the “heartbeat of mother earth” and can occur in bands which match up to the ranges seen in our brainwaves. There is an atmospheric cavity between the earth and the ionosphere. Every second about 1000 lighting flashes around the globe harmonize these pulses which travel around this pocket sending electromagnetic energy signals to all microorganisms.

These signals couple us to the Earth’s Magnetic Field and are also thought to be inversely influenced by the mass emotions and the sum of human consciousness.

Humans are tuned to the resonant vibration of earth.

“Human beings vibrate, (yes that means you) and the frequency they emit ranges from 5–10hz. We are in the same range as the 7.83hz of the earth. This is why nature is healing to people. It helps them match the earth frequency of 7.83 which boost the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate itself.”


🌎 On the 13-MOON count, July 16 always corresponds to the 20th DAY of the 13th MOON, and is noted as 13.20: a fractal expression of the 13:20 Natural Time Frequency.

🌎 78 YEARS corresponds to 6 cycles of 13 YEARS each, creating the 6 sides of a Cube.

🌎 On the 1KIN = 1 MOON fractal count of 260 MOONS, this 13th MOON of the YEAR corresponds to KIN 78 13Mirror.


In other words: From July 16 (13.20) to July 26, 2023 (1.1) we enter a 10-DAY synchronization window to the completion of 10 YEARS from crossing the Galactic Synchronization event horizon of July 26, 2013 (NS1.26.1.1)


Within Tzolkin Cosmology, Number 10 holds the power of Planetary Manifestation! Therefore, to fully grasp the intensity and nature of the events manifesting in 2023, it is KEY to comprehend the fractal resonance with the year 2013. How is this?

Every 5 YEARS / 7 TZOLKINS there takes place a 5-DAY synchronization period between the galactic count (260 days) and the solar~lunar count (364+1 days). This is because 7 Tzolkins of 260 DAYS correspond exactly to the 65 MOONS of 28 DAYS contained in 5 YEARS:

260 × 7 = 1820 DAYS
364 x 5 = 1820 DAYS (5 × 13 × 28)
365 × 5 = 1825 DAYS

Difference = 5 Days Out of Time

These 5 DAYS OUT OF TIME, contained within these 5 YEARS, serve as the “connecting bridge” between both cycles, and as a result, every 7 TZOLKIN cycles we are only 5 DAYS away from reaching the same position on the Solar count of 365 DAYS, allowing us to experience every 5 years an almost “perfect fractal” of the same combined frequencies on BOTH the Galactic and Solar counts. Within the Mayan Timekeeping science, this period is known as 1 HOLTUN.

This 5-YEAR, 5-DAY synchronization period is of special significance as 2023 is then in close harmonic resonance with the year 2013! To illustrate this, let’s examine the Galactic Synchronization event horizon:

July 26, 2013: KIN 164 8 Seed

July 26, 2018: KIN 169 13 Moon (164+5)

July 26, 2023: KIN 174 5 Wizard (164+10)

July 26, 2028: KIN 179 10 Storm (164+15)


We are now in capacity to tap into this N.I. (“Noospheric Intelligence”) to neutralize and inform A.I. (“Artificial Intelligence”). We can access this Noospheric Intelligence through the power of our DREAMS and our CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

This time is calling us to tap and develop our Super-Human abilities. The type of abilities that make us different from machines. In the next years we may start to see a MASSIVE WAVE of new human beings feeling attracted to disciplines that can help us awakening these dormant capabilities and becoming conscious vehicles for the NEW LIGHT and the new evolutionary programs.


This is also a time inviting us to explore ideas that can re-direct all these inorganic technologies to foster connection of humans with the Natural Order and the planetary/ cosmic/ organic consciousness.

To explore more insights and reflections on the past year since Earth Day #52, and a higher perspective into the significance of choosing to tap in to our N.I. (“Noospheric/Natural Intelligence”) connected to Nature and planetary/cosmic/organic consciousness as a counter-spin of the “Artificial Intelligence” dystopian narrative, we invite you to play the Earth Day #53 broadcast:


It is our intention that this final article serves as a book-end to this adventure and as the foundation of a new series of articles entirely focused on restoring the full holographic timeline presented on “Earth Ascending” as the ongoing stages of evolution of DNA on Earth.

In this way, as we continue mapping the emergence of the noosphere, from its early phases, to our present-day reality, this “sphere of mind” is becoming more conscious.

In the meanwhile, we leave you with this lecture from 1986, titled EARTH ASCENDING: Preparation For Planetary Empowerment. In this talk, Arguelles presents a comprehensive overview of “Earth Ascending”, the book which supported initial organizing efforts for the Aug. 16, 1987 global ceremonial event known as Harmonic Convergence.


As we close this last eclipse window of this Year of the Self Existing Moon and start a NEW 52-YEAR FRACTAL stage of planetary consciousness, we invite you to spend this window in NATURE and CONNECT directly with Mother Earth, the Moon and the Sun… GIVE THANKS for the opportunity to be an embodiment for evolution at this crucial time. Connect with your senses to the living fabric and meditate on the noosphere. What is Earth saying to you?

Meditation for the Noosphere: This is how you can begin to overcome your ego and merge your consciousness into the noosphere and become a noospheric activator. This meditation is from Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness.


When we see the world from a Higher Perspective, we are building a coherent mental field of harmony around the Earth. This is again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time governed by the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order.

The way to change the old paradigm is to begin to live by a timing standard that is a harmonic reflection of the cycles of nature. The 13-Month/Moon 28-Day Calendar is an indigenous calendar for a sovereign humanity, a new harmonic calendar for a new time of peace and harmony!

Please CLICK HERE to sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity can adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2028.

May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!