I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton

Dear Dia,

I remember being like, 20/21 and sitting in the Goodbyetomorrow merch booth at the mesa boys and girls club next to you guys and your booth. Hanging out at other band’s merch booths and occasionally selling t-shirts was about the closest to being in a touring band I ever got. I remember seeing you guys play that night and loving it, I remember immediately buying the album, even though I was poor and only got to go to the show because of friends in bands.

There were very long stretches of time where “Our Home is Gone” would never leave my CD player.

I’m a couple years on the other side of 30, but I still look up to you (and Meg, with all the stuff she’s doing) so much.

I left my friends and family, everyone basically, to move to NorCal and take a job here, and there are always a few people who I thought of when I made that decision, you’re one of them, because you took chances and you kept going, and you’re still going.

I know you don’t need my opinion, and it doesn’t matter a whole lot, but I wanted you to know that the Dia who fills Ketchup bottles inspires me just like the girl dancing on stage when I was in skinny jeans and band shirts did.

That’s all, I’m super stoked to hear the new record.

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