M1 Physically Places Developmental Anatomy On Backburner

Tuesday evening, firefighters responded to an apartment complex fire near the medical school. Investigation into the fire revealed that its cause was a book left on the rear burner of the stove in an apartment on the second floor of the complex, which belonged to a medical student. The Hernia reporters were able to catch up with the resident, who will remain nameless (under, uh, FERPA guidelines?), whose lapse cost her almost everything.

“I just had so much going on with studying for this last Gross test that I didn’t really bother picking up my DA textbook. I accidentally ended up just leaving it on that darn stove. I was still paying attention to a Gross lecture podcast when I turned on the heat to make myself some dinner, so I didn’t notice the flaming textbook until it had already engulfed basically my whole life — the wall had already caught fire, and it had somehow jumped onto my white coat. It’s amazing how such a small, 2-hour fire ruined so many things,” recalled the student.

The Hernia would like to remind everyone to ensure that none of its readers place DA on the backburner, either — for the safety of you, and everyone around you.


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