The Imposter
Pablo Stanley

Brave way to reflect on past thinking and behaviours — this type of honesty is very refreshing…you’ve man’d up!

I would like to say that you are not trying to change, you have already made the decision to change, so a shift in your thinking patterns are already present. You recognise with there are lots of different dynamics that are at play which you will get to in time, but you deserve credit already for the initial shifts.

Something which is super useful with this type of change is:

  1. identify the triggers; what causes you to think in a particular way
  2. identify what you actually do after a trigger has been set of (your behaviours / thinking and actions)
  3. identify what you’d like to do in these situations — your new way of thinking and behaving

It is really useful to keep a note of these triggers and new behaviours. You may find over a short amount of time there are umbrella behaviours and patterns of thinking. This reflection time will give you more opportunity to make bigger and more long-term changes. I’ve worked with a couple of people with this technique and it does help — the more honest you are with yourself the better.

Good luck.

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