Delegating Is About “We,” Not Me


How do you make them look good?

When we ask someone to do something, it’s easy to stare at the objective as the only thing that matters. This way of thinking is the “stick” mindset. When you are in the “stick” mindset, you use fear and it’s compatriots (guilt, shame, anger, etc.).

In a pinch, this can work. Eventually, however, you lose. Growth stagnates with harsh treatment. Bad news if you delegate.

Corporate America has worked this way for years, and now they wonder why employee engagement is at an all-time low (don’t blame millennials, this is almost every age sector).

Limited growth = limited engagement.

What is the alternative?

When you delegate something, either:

  • Connect something meaningful to the other person at the end
  • Put them in a position to look good

When people know you’ll do right by them, you avoid traps of arrest development.

Do this enough, and people can’t wait for you to ask them to do something.

Even better, their improved esteem shows up in all of their work.

What is better than that?

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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