Delegation — You Can’t Do It Yourself — Theme For September


You can’t do it all.

At some point, you need to tell someone what to do. You have to delegate. It’s an important life skill.

We are bad at it through.

It’s hard to trust, build champions and trusted advisors, and create agreement.

We find ourselves asking too little. Then we ask way too much. We oscillate wildly between “the nice guy” and “the mean guy.” We don’t explain why things are important, and then we over-explain.

We play the delegate “game” at extremes and fall victim to our confirmation bias.

You aren’t the only one.

It’s critical to any form of leadership, and it’s why it’s the theme for September.

This month’s theme ties into communication

At the end of last year, I wrote a post that resulted in my picking four themes for 2016. They are the guiding light (strategic) for my ideas. Each month on this blog, I break things down into the practical (tactical). This year I want to tie them together, so each month, I have to write the reason they connect.

Reread candidate

No One Understands You and What to Do About It by Heidi Grant Halvorson — Communication isn’t static. It is dynamic and relies on your team’s perception. This book lays out some great first steps for you to uncover and change them for the better.


  • Trust is essential
  • Give failure room to exist.
  • Delegating isn’t a two-way street. You have to give.

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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