Don’t Find New Holes


Superficial progress keeps us in place.

When you start digging, it’s easy to notice progress.

The divot you create is visible, and it’s easy to point to it and tell people “look, I did that.”

The hard part is after you’ve dug for a while. When you tell people about your progress and people, say “it looks the same as yesterday.”

It is discouraging.

It’s tempting to start digging another hole and say “I’ll get to that other hole too.”

Odd are, you won’t. The new hole feels better than the other one. Also, the praise is coming in, and it’s easier to show your work.

Resist this temptation, because digging new holes becomes addictive. Whenever you get to the point of the first hole, and the praise starts to level off, you will start a new hole.

Eventually, you have a bunch of holes and nothing constructive to do with them.

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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