Don’t Let Yourself Give Yourself a Place to Hide

Making something is inherently a violent act against things as they are.

It is why Steven Pressfield named his classic book “The War of Art.” Being uncomfortable in spaces of comfort and shipping is the difference between those who lead and those who don’t.

Tricky stuff, because when you are leading yourself into an area of uncomfortability, you pull all types of things to help you hide.

For example, I let my apartment get messy.

I could stay out late, drink too much, or over work myself. Then the excuses start to fly.

All it takes is two or three days of this behavior and my apartment is a complete mess. Now, instead of expending all my energy on my work, I have to ask “Should I put this away?” and get away from my momentum. It gets harder to ship.

My “comfortable self” knows that I’ll quit if it gets too hard.

Pay attention, and you’ll notice the uncomfortability.

And get over it.

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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