Hiding is Tricky — Lessons From October 2016

Being in front is difficult, so we get used to hiding

If you aren’t hiding, you’re vulnerable.

When you make a mistake in the crowd, it’s simple to dismiss. If you do so out front, it’s magnified. We clearly see our flaws.

As a result, we hide.

We tell ourselves it’s far easier to do nothing or work with no discretion. We dismiss our creativity in the name of perfection. We use it as an excuse to stop showing up. Therefore we need to pay attention to what we need to show up every day.

We also see safety as a way to avoid the pain.

Except, by avoiding it, we stagnate ourselves and fill ourselves with regret, which brings us to the shame and guilt game.

You avoid that by showing up in the face of that potential pain, because it isn’t suffering, it’s a lesson. Lessons aren’t free.

The lesson of this month, for me, is that hiding isn’t saving us from pain, it’s blocking us from growth. Internally we sense this, so we replace that feeling with regret.

Pain heals, disappointment stays.

Therefore, all the pain in the world isn’t worth an ounce of regret.

Don’t hide.

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Originally published at Life As Usual.

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