Listen — Don’t Fight It.

Listen - Don't Fight It.

You can’t destroy energy.

That is the first law of thermodynamics.

When you are resisting the urge, you are trying to “destroy” it. This action doesn’t have the intended effect.

What happens instead of destroying the urge is you give it energy. Like I mentioned yesterday, you create a slingshot effect.

By pushing that energy down, you are creating a force for it to come up.

That’s why that part of the training montage doesn’t sit right with me. Stories matter. If it seems rational to fight the urge, then I will try.

Remember your last diet. You tried to destroy that urge to eat pizza and eventually you found yourself eating pizza, ice cream, and chocolate cake.


So what can we do instead?


That’s it. Just listen to that urge. Don’t try to explain why it exists. Just listen.

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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