People Know More & Less About You Than You Think


People around you(trusted advisors, mentors, bosses) tend to know more about you than you think:

  • Who you are
  • What you’ve done
  • How you felt in the past

They know little about:

  • What you are thinking
  • What your plans are
  • How you want to try

If you notice a pattern, it is that people learn more about the past and less about the future of you.

We hide our decisions from others. We are afraid of our mistakes in the past swallowing up the potential of the future.

“They remember our last mistakes, why even tell them?”

It might sting, but there is something useful in hearing your old mistakes from time to time.You miss out on context by not telling them. The hints in your past are a roadmap to errors in your future.

Like the Romans who left a slave to say the emperor “you are only a man” after a triumph, sometimes it’s good to get a little dose of someone else’s perception. They see mistakes you haven’t, and the hints in your past are often a roadmap to errors in your future.

Even if it hurts, the beautiful thing about the future is that is in our hands.

Most people aren’t out to get you.

If you open yourself up, you’ll find that people are often out to lift you.

Originally published at Life As Usual.