The Siren Song of Perfection

Perfect is the enemy of good

Perfection is a siren call.

We hear the fantastic song of perfectionism as soon as we start a project.

The sweet song is good because we see a new project as a slice of our identity. The song leads us to believe that any imperfection is a mark on us.

The song also prompts us to believe that once we hit that fabled “perfection,” any and every accolade we can think of is on the way. We just have to make sure its perfect.

Perfection is a siren call.

Remember the sirens? In Greek mythology, they led sailors to their death.

The siren call of perfection is doing the same thing to our creativity. It lulls us into perfection knowing that each moment we wait for our creativity atrophies.

Don’t let your creativity die, because like the sirens; perfectionism doesn’t exist.

Resist their call so your next project can live.

Originally published at Life As Usual.

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