Group Discussion 1/19/2016
Feminist Theology Group#3

Thanks for your post, Laura. I enjoyed wrestling alongside you in our class discussion, and you’ve captured that dynamic well. I have been thinking about a question you proposed during the middle of our discussion, and I believe I have begun to understand what you meant. You asked (if I remember correctly) something in this vein: “If the Holy Spirit is a woman, and Christ came in flesh, and God is traditionally viewed as Father, what does it mean, then, for the Holy Spirit to have a female body?” (Or, at least, for the female body to be part of our understanding of the Holy Spirit as Sophia). Correct me if I interpreted you wrongly, but for the past week I, too, have been asking this question, because the implications are huge. If a significant portion of theologians are coming to engage the Holy Spirit as a woman, then have we really worked out what that means? Are we ready to engage the female body as more than what years of objectification and dominance have defined for us? Are we ready to let it be holy? I’d love to talk with you more about this and continue working out what this could look like in both therapeutic and theological spheres.

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