Life with purpose, living without guidelines

In life, we all have ideas, aspirations, dreams, and future versions of ourselves. A fair amount of people want to live their lives and become successful and make a good profit. But how I see things, people try and follow a certain career path or theoretical guideline instead of living out their days. Instead of always focusing on the workplace or your academics take an hour out of your day to something that you truly enjoy. This could range from reading your favourite book or going for a run in your favourite trail. Doing things that are out of the ordinary and that are not scheduled are part of the fun that the mystery of life brings everyday.

“If we all wished were perfect, we would want to live in a world that is imperfect”- Unknown

If we always try and do the right thing and live in an idealistic view of things we would all go insane. People have good days, and they have bad days its just the way life goes. Living on the extremes of one end of the spectrum is one way to live an unsatisfied life. If we just live through rose coloured glasses and see everything as Dorthy as the Wizard of Oz, we’ll never make it back to Kansas. Everything we do in life has a cost of the opportunity, weather its calling in sick for work, or choosing to call that girl back from the bar last Saturday night. These opportunity's have a ripple effect for the reminder of your life. These could be literally many little decisions to big choices, such as university programs. These little choices lead to makeups of who you are and your personalty. These large choices involve the environment you surround yourself with on a daily basis. These choices that you make shape your attitude and perception towards things in the future. Having good choices and being spontaneous can help you develop how you want to live your life. Making scheduled choices could be costly and could lead to a opening. It could lead to a new path outside your academic career. So go out and take that volunteering position, see that girl from last night, write that grant proposal. Doing these things leads to the probability of various outcomes. By not doing things that are not spontaneous leads to a dull and callous way of thinking. The freedom of creative opportunity is available for anyone who seeks it. It comes down to this, it does not matter where you come from, but where your you end up going. This statement is the cornerstone of success of whoever embarks on it. Living outside guidelines is what leads to true euphoria.