How Hillary Clinton Adopted the Wonkiest Tech Policy Ever
Steven Levy

You clearly don’t understand what the conservative position is on “innovation even if it disrupts”. The whole point of conservatism, not the Trumpinista movement, is that the market and society should be self governing — even if it disrupts. Clinton is nowhere close to that position and how exactly would a government “plan” do anything to further innovation?

People innovate products because they see an opportunity to sell a better product to people who want to buy it. People invest in innovative products because they also see that there is a demand for it. The government has no idea what demand there is for any given innovation. They can’t even properly meet the demand for medical services for a known number of veterans through the VA. This is nothing more than a means subsidizing the business ventures of Clinton supporters who have contributed enough for a kick-back. Corrupt and pathetic.

And… seriously? cyber security and “digital democracy”? It’s pretty laughable to claim Hillary Clinton would add any value whatsoever to the further development of cyber security or “digital democracy”. This is a woman who held national security secrets on her private server with a “” domain entirely to avoid political accountability for her corruption. Wouldn’t political accountability presumably be the point of “digital democracy”.

I have nothing good to say about Trump, but this is one of the most vapid and substance free articles I’ve read. Clinton is corrupt and incompetent. That is all. She certainly doesn’t deserve our respect or our support.

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