A Truly Human NFT

2 min readMay 26, 2022

Today marks a BIG milestone for humanDAO as we announce our first steps outside of gaming to achieve our mission of improving lives through crypto. https://nft.humandao.org

Imagine holding an NFT that can simplify your day-to-day life and help unlock your own full potential while changing the lives of people in underserved communities.

The premise is simple:

  • Match those who are flush with opportunity but short on time with those who have time to spare but lack opportunity
  • Use blockchain/NFT technology to make that transfer of value seamless, borderless, and trustless
  • Leverage token incentives to create a flywheel that supports a sustainable, win-win economy

Benefits to Holders

The modern world moves quickly, and the crypto ecosystem in particular, but nobody has the power to create or control time. Whether you are hoping to earn more, do less, or just create space in your life for new opportunities to arise, a lack of time is likely the thing that stands between you and your aspirations.

Think about:

  • Things you hate doing
  • Things you shouldn’t be doing
  • Things you can’t do yourself

If you’re not getting the maximum value out of your time, the economics of outsourcing some of these tasks by making a one-off purchase of a transferrable asset will quickly start to stack up.

Benefits to Our Community

Our vision is enabling the community to buy and/or earn ownership of the DAO, its revenue streams, and its treasury. No other entry-level employment opportunity provides both a wage and a stake in the organisation. We are committed to enabling our community members to find a life of greater financial freedom and opportunity than would be possible through conventional employment.

Compensation for assistants is US dollar-pegged and on par with local professional roles, providing meaningful financial opportunities for those out of work or seeking additional income. Assistants also earn the DAO’s $HDAO tokens, granting them the right to vote on future decisions and investments impacting the project.

The work is flexible, autonomous, and on an opt-in basis. Training is provided by humanDAO and our supportive Discord community is available to assist day-to-day. Our primary focus is on our community and providing new opportunity, greater autonomy over their personal and financial lives, and the opportunity to become asset owners with a passive income stream (through staking of $HDAO).

Find Out More and Join the Waitlist

Put simply, we are pioneering a new gig economy for the underserved on web3. More details can be found at https://nft.humandao.org. Pocket Assistant NFTs will be launched on July 4th and available for minting at humandao.org.




A decentralized autonomous organization using crypto to help underserved communities