Celebrating Humans in an AI-Enabled World

3 min readMay 10, 2023

This post was written entirely by humans, for humans

Some would lead you to believe that a “human” DAO is becoming redundant, as announcements roll out seemingly every day about jobs and skills being made obsolete by these new AI tools. We think it’s more essential than ever, along with our mission of improving lives through crypto.

In a world where AI keeps gaining in power and autonomy, what does that mean for humanity? What will work look like? What value can we provide? We don’t know either, but we’re committed to showcasing the skills and talents of the underserved. We believe that in a world dominated by AI, human thoughts, integrity, insights and companionship will become more valuable, just perhaps not as ubiquitous.

Our Pocket Assistants project was designed to optimise human contribution. Organisations could focus on securing and retaining a core team of highly capable specialists, and outsource the generic work to the Pocket Assistants platform, all the while providing people in the world’s underserved communities with access to new work opportunities in the emerging crypto economy.

When we were on the cusp of releasing the app, which had become a feature-rich platform for human coordination, ChatGPT and a slew of other new tools entered the public arena. Suddenly it was possible to get a piece of software to carry much of the administrative burden we designed Pocket Assistants to alleviate.

What to do?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and hyperbole around AI. When you start to use these tools in earnest, though, you quickly find that Crypto Twitter is the Instagram of AI output, often showcasing the glitzy and perfect results while hiding the inconsistencies, errors, tedium and frustration that went into producing them.

While AI can automate certain tasks and increase efficiency, it still relies on human contributions to function effectively. In fact, the combination of human and AI elements often leads to more successful and innovative outcomes than either one on their own.

We like to think of it like an autonomous vehicle. We’re not at a point where you’d let AI software drive you from point A to point B, nor are we anywhere near letting it be the sole navigator of your business or DAO and all of its associated tasks. After all, it’s no point getting places more quickly if it’s your risk of crashing increases significantly, and the simple fact that AI “hallucination” has become a common term should worry any organisation trusting this software to answer user questions or provide guidance.

Ultimately we believe that the combination of human and AI contributions creates a more effective and well-rounded system, where the strengths of both are leveraged for the benefit of society.

We believe in a future of human x AI collaboration

Pocket Assistants has evolved into a Human Task Force, a coordination protocol with an initial use case focused on combining AI efficiency with human insight, ethics, discretion, and curiosity. Our vision is for this to become a base layer for any application to direct human effort, whether that’s a purely human job, a way to augment AI, or a way to keep a check on it.

Explore the HTF platform today at https://services.humandao.org/human-task-force and stay tuned for more details on the first exciting opportunities to expand your personal or business/project capabilities with Human Task Force, while directly supporting greater financial opportunity, independence and education for the world’s underserved communities.

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