Where & How to buy the $HDAO Token

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Also instructions for bridging and importing $HDAO on the Polygon Network

$HDAO can be purchased:

What follows are instructions for Polygon, as the Uniswap Ethereum pool is on mainnet and most know how to use Ethereum. If you are familiar with using Polygon to transact and you already have the assets you will use to purchase on Polygon, you can skip ahead to Step 4.

  • Step 1: Setup MetaMask to connect to Polygon Network
  • Step 2: Bridge Your Assets to Polygon
  • Step 3: Get Some $MATIC for Polygon Gas Fees
  • Step 4: Purchase $HDAO from the Liquidity Pool on Balancer
  • Step 5: Add / Import $HDAO to MetaMask wallet

If you are not familiar with Polygon it is a popular Ethereum Layer 2 due to its low fees and fast-growing ecosystem. Lowering usage fees to near-zero aligns with HumanDAO’s mission to make crypto accessible to everyone.

Step 1: Setup MetaMask to connect to Polygon Network

You will first need to add this Network to your wallet to transact on the L2 polygon network.

The Easy Way

In order to add Polygon Mainnet (MATIC) to MetaMask, go to chainlist.org and search for Polygon Mainnet. You’ll find the search bar in the middle of the page. This will automatically add the custom RPC (Remote Procedural Call) to your wallet.

On Metamask Desktop

There are 2 steps. You must first connect your wallet to chainlist.org. Then add the Polygon network to metamask.

On Metamask Mobile App

In your Metamask app, click the Browser in the menu. Search chianlist.org. Scroll down a bit and search Polygon network.

Click browser, search chainlist.org, search Polygon mainnet

Then you must connect your wallet to chainlist.org. Then add the Polygon network to metamask.

The Manual Way

If Chainlist isn’t working for you there is a manual way to set up your Metamask wallet to connect to Polygon Network by adding the custom RPC, here are the steps:

On Desktop

At the top of your MetaMask wallet, switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab ‘Main Ethereum Network.’

Scroll down until you find ‘Custom RPC.’

Enter in the Matic Mainnet settings as follows:

On the Mobile App

You will need to go to your Metamask wallet settings, then choose Networks, then Add Network.

Then input the required data:

Enter in the Matic Mainnet settings as follows:

Step 2: Bridge Your Assets to Polygon

The next step is to bridge the assets you would like to use to purchase $HDAO to Polygon.

Here is a how to guide for bridging assets to Polygon: How to use Polygon Bridge

​​We recommend using the bridge provided by Polygon: Polygon Bridge

Step 3: Get Some $MATIC for Polygon Gas Fees

Gas fees are much lower on Polygon (near zero), but you’ll still need some $MATIC (Polygon’s native token) to transact, the same way you need $ETH to use ethereum. We recommend having 0.2 or more $MATIC to be able to transact.

Polygon has an easy swap tool inside their wallet application: https://wallet.polygon.technology/

Within the wallet, simply go to the Swap for Gas Token tab and make the swap:

Now check your MetaMask wallet from the Polygon Network and make sure you have the assets you want to use to purchase $HDAO (ex: USDC or WETH) and some $MATIC:

Step 4: Purchase $HDAO from the Liquidity Pool on Balancer

You can access the $HDAO Liquidity Pool on Balancer here: $HDAO Liquidity Pool

Once you access the Balancer website you will choose the “Trade” tab at the top of the page in order to purchase (or sell) $HDAO.

Choose the correct asset to trade for $HDAO, input the amount you’d like to trade, and then select Preview.


Balancer is a decentralized exchange. This means anyone can list a token. It’s very possible that someone could put another HDAO token. That said, it’s very important that you use the link above (and again here: $HDAO Liquidity Pool) to access the pool. The other option is to input the $HDAO token address directly. The $HDAO token address is: 0x72928d5436Ff65e57F72D5566dCd3BaEDC649A88

After selecting Preview, you will be prompted with 2 steps:

  1. Approve Asset you’re using to buy HDAO (in this example USDC). Once you hit Approve you’ll need to confirm the transaction in MetaMask:
  1. Confirm the Trade. Again, you’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction on MetaMask:

Step 5: Add / Import $HDAO to MetaMask wallet

Congratulations, you now own $HDAO tokens! The final step is to view your $HDAO assets in MetaMask. To do this, you’ll need to manually add the $HDAO token address to your Polygon wallet.

First, go to your MetaMask wallet and select Import Tokens on the bottom of the wallet:

From here you’ll need to add the $HDAO address on Polygon and select Add Custom Token: 0x72928d5436Ff65e57F72D5566dCd3BaEDC649A88 (BTW, here is the token address for ethereum network: 0xdaC657ffD44a3B9d8aba8749830Bf14BEB66fF2D

Congratulations, you should now be able to view your $HDAO inside your MetaMask wallet:

What’s Next

Now that you own the $HDAO governance token, you are eligible to partake in humanDAO governance. Join the humanDAO Discord Server and head over to the docs to learn how to participate: HDAO Governance. We’re stoked to have you onboard.

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