humanDAO Launching Community Incentives

HDAO now has over 4k NFTs providing wages for 1k+ families & has purchased 2k meals for those most in need

The launch of the community incentive programs marks yet another Q1 promise kept. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we progress through our roadmap in Q2 and beyond.

  • Release staking
  • Create the meals program
  • Invest and partner with P2E games (Mirror World and Thetan Arena)
  • Develop education material (platform coming soon)
  • Dashboard for DAO metrics (coming next week)
  • Launch the community incentive program

With a multi-layered approach open to every crypto user, humanDAO are helping our expansive community of almost 50,000 (plus thousands of potential new members) earn greater governance rights in the DAO and take the next steps on their journey of digital asset ownership.

We have never been shy about it, our goal is to become the largest DAO with the most holders and voters. humanDAO was founded on principles of community ownership, and this is an important milestone as we seek to grow the number of $HDAO token holders, particularly among those who may not have the financial means to purchase tokens directly.

When combined with the DAO’s generous staking incentives, featuring APRs of over 250% for single-sided staking and 950–1500% for liquidity providers, these rewards provide an opportunity to accrue a significant share of the $HDAO token distribution and influence the direction of our future strategy, investments, and revenue streams.

Remember, $HDAO is not only governance but ownership too. Most of our scholars and members have never owned anything or don’t own much. In the future, the DAO could pass a profit-share scheme where you stake tokens to receive a portion of the DAO’s revenue. Your ownership of $HDAO would bring you passive income: an entirely new concept and offering for underserved communities. HODL.

Rewards programs can change, so check for updates

Rewards for Community Advocates

The recently-launched Community Advocates program is assembling a skilled social media engagement team to produce high-impact engagement for humanDAO on Twitter. Even if you have zero followers or have never tweeted in your life, you can still help us get the name humanDAO into critical crypto conversations with a bit of research, some perseverance, and a dash of luck.

15,000 $HDAO are being distributed every month for successful Twitter interactions that boost the profile and awareness of humanDAO.

Find out more about the program here.

Rewards for Scholars

Scholars (those who use the DAO’s digital assets to earn cryptocurrency in play-to-earn games) are at the heart of humanDAO’s mission. We have quickly grown to over 1,000 scholars and are now introducing a program of initial and ongoing token allocations to reward their contribution.

Scholars will receive an initial 500 $HDAO for completing their application and becoming a scholar, and a further 500 $HDAO every quarter they remain a scholar with the DAO. Through these rewards

HDAO Monthly Raffle

We are also reaching out to the general population to offer the chance of winning $HDAO in return for completing simple tasks that help the DAO. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to be alerted about new contests, which will be launching monthly.

Our April raffle is now live!

We’ve just completed the first of our monthly giveaway to reward you for participation, giving $25 of $HDAO to 20 random winners. As part of our growth phase we’re pushing for as much engagement & interaction on all social media as possible. So keep an eye out for your chance to be 1 of the 20 winners each month for just following and liking!!

Checkout March winners here —

Aprils competition will be released in the next few days, so make sure you complete all the tasks to receive as many raffle tickets as possible. If you haven’t got social media accounts to complete the tasks, sign up, as we will be running these contests monthly and it will increase your chances of winning. Good Luck!

Brick by brick, we keep building




A decentralized autonomous organization using crypto to help underserved communities & provide new profound revenue streams to investors

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A decentralized autonomous organization using crypto to help underserved communities & provide new profound revenue streams to investors

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